(3 part webinar)

This series of three 75 minute training sessions covers the basic practices of mindful self care, relational mindfulness and the power of purpose in developing a mindful lifestyle.

SESSION ONE: Mindful Self Care

May 6, 2021 1pm-2:15pm PDT

• Introduction to the core tenets of mindfulness.

• Sensory-based mindful practice.

Participants will have the opportunity to clarify their understanding of what mindfulness is and, of equal importance, what mindfulness is not. Sensory-based mindful practices are designed to be implemented informally, throughout the day, to cultivate presence, awareness, and insight.

SESSION TWO: Community Care and Connection Through Mindfulness

May 13, 2021 1pm-2:15pm PDT

• Relational mindful practice.

• The role of compassion in mindful living.

Interconnection is at the core of human flourishing. This session integrates personal and relational mindful practices. In an interactive format, participants will engage in small group connections to increase prosociality, compassion and collaboration.

SESSION THREE: Developing Mindfulness through Purpose

May 20, 2021 1pm-2:15pm PDT

• Reinvigorate Personal and Collective Motivation

• Understand the role of purpose in life long health.

A strong connection to purpose has been clinically proven to support health and wellbeing. This session will bring participants into close connection with the power of personal purpose. Through guided, mindful reflections and visualization, participants will remember and reinvigorate intentions for being involved in the profession, as well as motivations for nurturing personal health in service to collective wellness.


Thursday, May 6th, 13th and 20th, 2021

1 PM - 2:15 PM PDT

Early Bird: $125.00 (before April 8th)

General Registration: $165.00

ACEI Applicant: $65.00

Ticket price is for ALL 3 sessions to be held on the above dates and times.



Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert

President & CEO
Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (ACEI)




Abby Wills

Presenter: Abby Wills, MA {ACEI Global Consulting Group)

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