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Let's make some noise - hell hath frozen over! Westport Library has become the first public library ever to record, produce and release a vinyl album

There's a rock n' roll record release party happening in Westport CT on Saturday, June 3, celebrating, yes, hell freezing over. Maynie & Howie's Sho-Mi platter predicted it almost 70 years ago - the library shall ROCK!

A library with a record label? Shazaam! It took a small town library to make the impossible happen and this is big news indeed with their in-house Verso Studios going one giant step beyond the audio-visual lab listening booths we all grew up with in our respective local libraries. Now, Westport Library sets the trend and proclaims an end to shushing with Verso Records! Public libraries have always been the most special place of special places. Benjamin Franklin got the ball rolling over 200 years ago in the United States, and what a concept they are- vestibules of knowledge, free to everyone, growing with the people, for the people! And the people want vinyl records!

Read about the wild world of the biggest little library's immense achievements here and here join the party as Westport Library hosts a shindig tonite, June 3, celebrating this astonishing moment in American history. And guess what? No Shushing Allowed!

Saturday, June 3
Westport Public Library
20 Jesup Road
Westport, Connecticut

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