Queensland Border Update

International Arrivals from 13 December, 2021

After speaking with the Queensland Government today, SJT have answers to the four most common scenarios for travellers entering Queensland from overseas from next Monday, 13 December.

The following applies to Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediately family who are wanting to travel to Queensland from overseas:
* Direct international arrivals in Queensland (no transit via another Australian state) - 14 day Home Quarantine
* International arrivals in another state, e.g. arriving into Sydney, and then transiting straight away to Queensland - 14 day Home Quarantine in Queensland
* International arrivals in another state, but staying in that state for less than 14 days - 14 day Home Quarantine upon entering Queensland
* International arrivals in another state, then spending minimum 14 days in that same state - follow quarantine guidelines for arrival state, then on Day 15 cross freely into Queensland as a domestic traveller with no quarantine

What you CAN'T do...

❌ International arrivals in another state, follow quarantine guidelines for arrival state (e.g. 72 hours isolation in Sydney) and then cross freely into Queensland. In this case, as it is less than 14 days since you arrived into Australia, you would have to undergo 14 day Home Quarantine upon entering Queensland.
❗ And remember, you will need a Queensland Travel Pass for entry!

The Queensland Government websiteupdated its travel information late today as well.

However, as we all know, these details are subject to change, so always check regarding your own personal situation and keep up-to-date for all travel regulations and requirements prior to travel, while travelling and upon return.

Domestic Arrivals from 13 December, 2021

Great news for the domestic border! No quarantine for Queensland arrivals if you...
* are fully vaccinated
* are travelling from anywhere in Australia (including NSW, ACT & VIC) by air or road
* test negative for COVID-19 within the 72 hours prior to arrival into QLD


❗️ You will need a Queensland Travel Pass
❗️ You will need a COVID-19 test on Day 5 if travelling from a hot spot

And remember...

Once 90% of Queenslanders are fully vaccinated... we can open our international border!


Vaccination Certificates

In addition to the Australian vaccination certificate available through MyGov or the Express Medicare app, you can now also link your vaccination certificate to your passport and obtain an International vaccination certificate. Refer to the Passport Office website for more information on the process.

For anyone travelling internationally, the International certificate is mandatory.

Travel Restrictions & Requirements

To help SJT clients to monitor and manage travel restrictions, access COVID PCR testing services here in Australia before an international departure, and to stay connected with the latest advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs, we have added a COVID-19 page to our website. Make sure you bookmark it if you are travelling interstate or internationally anytime soon!



If you have any questions regarding your upcoming travels, don't hesitate to get in touch! Email or phone 0450 154 478.

Yours in Travel,
Sonia, Amy & Christine
The Sonia Jones Travel Team

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