Happy Mother's Day from Baba! Ukrainian culture is deeply matriarchal. Ukraina is site of most Goddess figurines in whole world, and we learn most ou

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Happy Mother's Day from Baba!

Ukrainian culture is deeply matriarchal. Ukraina is site of most Goddess figurines in whole world, and we learn most our custom from our mamas and babas. We was origin of Amazon legend: egalitarian horse tribe where girl could choose husband once she kill three enemy in battle. Was no need for shelter and restraining order, Baba telling you this!

Show your special woman how much you love with these easy-to-make-but-look-like-lots-work Ukrainian Cream Cheese Cookies, or Kolacky.

Kolacky Recipe


2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup butter
1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Thick jam, marmalade or fruit filling
Optional: coarse or sanding sugar

You sure you ready for this taste extravaganza? First, leave cream cheese and butter out for at least couple of hour, so they soft and forgiving. Do not use stupid microwave. This kill cheesy molecule, believe Baba.

Beat butter and cheese till they fluffy like you wish your laundry was. Add vanilla and beat some more.

Mix flour with salt. Add slow into cheesy butter. Keep beating.

Stick dough into fridge in covered container label Putin Shirtless. This way, no one eat raw. Chill dough at least one hour while you chill out.

Roll dough onto floured surface, to about 3/8". Baba just discover benefit of cold marble slab while shopping for well, you know. Person have to plan for future. Don't be worry! Not Baba's future, Putin's.

Cut dough in circle with shot glass you hide under bed "for medicinal purpose." Wash and dry first. Is almost like having Baba for roommate, is it not?

If you is big show off, sprinkle cookie with little bit sanding sugar.

Put oven rack in middle, and turn to 350 F.

Now come exciting part. You going to make heart shape for mama. You can either use two your pinkie, or two your small thumb. If you have child helping, pull thumb out from their mouth first. Make gentle press into cookie with your finger overlap at bottom.

If you find you make too hard press with big fat thumb (and you will), so bottom of heart go blooey! just shape heart with finger.

Use spoon to fill centre of cookie with flavor of jam your mama favorite. Use different flavor and your good imagination to make Kaleidoscope of Kolacky.

Bake for 10-15 minute. Watch close for edge to just turn little bit brownie. Once you take from oven, let cookie sit and breathe for while before you snarfle.

Save some for mama, which was point of this exercise, remember? Pack careful into wax paper, in layer. You don't want jam to make sticking on bottom of cookie who is on top.

How many cookie this make? Sheesh. It depend on how big is your shot glass. From what Baba see, is quite probable some people end up with one cookie.

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Happy Mother's Day from your Baba!


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Traditional Animal Communication

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Have real happy Mother's Day!