Volunteerism is Arts Advocacy

One of the most powerful ways to support the arts is by volunteering. Your passion and commitment help the arts thrive in the Lehigh Valley!

Read on for testimonials about volunteerism in the Arts.

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"The choir is entirely composed of volunteer singers who donate more than 10,000 hours of their time each year for rehearsals, concerts, and festivals. Others help with mailings, ushering at concerts, and cleaning up after performances. They are the eyes and ears we need to make sure the audience experience goes as smoothly as it can." —Renee James, Director of Marketing, Bach Choir of Bethlehem

"We are a completely volunteer organization. Without them we can’t function." —Elena Shackleton, President, Lehigh Art Alliance


"Volunteers help a lot with festivals, orchestration, t-shirt sales, transport services, and photography. We wouldn’t be able to offer our services without them." —Sarah Carlson, Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange

On average, a volunteer in the Lehigh Valley gave 46.5 hours to the Arts in 2015---that's longer than your work week!

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