Check out our DV and Clergy PSA here DV-Clergy PSA and be sure to follow the links to our other videos! Teen Rally on Healthy Relationships - August

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Check out our DV and Clergy PSA here DV-Clergy PSA

and be sure to follow the links to our other videos!

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Teen Rally on Healthy Relationships - August 2016

The Tallahassee Housing Authority Welcomes the DVCC for a Teen Rally on Healthy Relationships

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The DVCC held another Teen Rally on Healthy Relationships to keep the conversation going on the red flags and warning signs of a dangerous relationship. Local teens who are part of the DVCC Teen Peer Advisors program were on hand to speak to their peers on dating abuse and positive communication skills.

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The evening included food, music by DJ Sly, a dance contest, a basketball tournament, and most importantly, a Jeopardy style quiz game on healthy vs. unhealthy relationships led by our all-star hostess, Shonda Knight of WCTV Channel 6. The boys v. girls rivalry was heated but everyone walked away a winner! The kids were also treated to a speech by a local idol, Coach Carter.

We continue to be amazed at how much the kids enjoy these events and how much they have to contribute to the conversation. They are always enthusiastic participants! Following the Teen Rally, approximately 15 more teens signed up to become Teen Peer Advisors on dating violence, joining our next 2 hour workshop.

Prevention is a crucial key to stemming domestic abuse, and bringing these teens on board early is an important part of mitigating DV in our community.

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March to End the Silence on Domestic Violence September 2016

The DVCC held it's annual march and dinner to promote awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Participants marched from FAMU, FSU, and the Capitol promoting healthy relationship, then convened on Miller Hall at the FSU stadium for dinner and a survivor speaker.

This year our speaker was Ms. Barbara Strickland who tragically lost her daughter to an abusive relationship that careened out of control over only five months. He was a successful, college educated, high earning, and handsome young man - seemingly the perfect catch. But he hid a very dark side and when Leslie tried to end the relationship, he killed her, dumped her body in the woods, then turned the gun on himself when the Sheriff showed up at his door.

Ms. Strickland's account of her journey was incredibly moving to all in attendance. There were so many warning signs that friends and family ignored, or doubted. Her message tonight was clear - if you have any reservations or concerns, speak up immediately. Listen to your instincts and do all you can to safely intervene.

We were also joined by Kori Pruett and Rose Rezaei of the FSU Green Dot program who provided additional information on how to safely intervene when you spot someone in need. They inspired and challenged the group to go out and make a difference by speaking out against domestic abuse and helping others whenever possible.

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With over 100 in attendance, including students from FSU, FAMU, TCC, as well as the gentlemen of the Omega Lamplighters group and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, participants left with a renewed determination to make a difference in Tallahassee. We all hope Leslie's death will be one of the last.


Springfield's Got Talent Teen Dating Awareness Event

The THA Springfield Complex Hosts A Talent Show with a focus on Healthy Relationships

Celebrating a new partnership, the DVCC and Springfield Community Center of THA hosted the first Springfield's Got Talent community talent show with a focus on healthy relationships. Previously trained Teen Peer Advisors on Healthy Relationships were on hand as performers and fans of the many talented teens who took the stage.

Local celebrities hostess Shonda Knight and guest speaker Mr. Grady helped the teens learn more about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships in between performances which included step teams, singers, and rappers. The event included pizza and prizes and everyone had a great time while starting the conversation on healthy vs unhealthy relationships. We're sure this is beginning of a beautiful friendship!


Coming Soon...

The new year is off to a fast start with many new events and workshops planned in 2017. We'll continue our focus on prevention as we train scores of new Teen Peer Advisors to spread the word on healthy relationships and communication skills among their friends. We will also be hosting a Teen Rally in March featuring William Gay of the Pittsburgh Steelers - a local hero who lost his mother to domestic violence and is now dedicated to ending violence as well as snagging interceptions!