New Article Series: Farmer Focus

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Take a look at the first installment of our new Farmer Focus Series, highlighting the research studies conducted by Nebraska farmers in 2021!


With rising nitrogen (N) fertilizer prices, environmental concerns and pressures related to N fertilizer use, many farmers in Nebraska are looking to alternative products and sources for supplying N to corn. Among these are biological products, such as Pivot Bio PROVEN®. Pivot Bio products utilize a N-fixing bacterial inoculant for cereal crops, such as corn.

..... You can read the results of 6 Pivot Bio studies here


Keep an eye out for our next article, which will be about our soybean benchmarking project.


It's Not Too Late To Participate

Interested in doing your own on-farm research?

With ever increasing input prices, you may be questioning how you can make your operation more efficient and profitable. On-farm research may be just the tool you need to evaluate something new on your operation and gain the data to make future management decisions with confidence.

Get inspired with new ideas to test by reading Optimize Your Operation's Efficiency with On-Farm Research


On-Farm Research Survey

We value your input, and ask if you would please take a minute of your time to complete this survey about on-farm research. This survey is being conducted by three Midwest universities. Your anonymous answers will help them gain a better understanding of farmer perspectives about on-farm research. Thank you, and we appreciate your help!


In Case You Missed It

The 2021 Nebraska On-Farm Research results publication is out now! You can benefit from the research conducted by clicking the button below and downloading a PDF copy.

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