September 2nd,

Dear Friends,

If you are receiving this it is because you have subscribed to receive periodic update from the Canadian Prophetic Council (CPC).

Recently members of the CPC have received a few words that they feel are for public release. We are forwarding them to you for your prayerful consideration.

In addition to this many prophetic voices all over the world have been having dreams, and receiving insight, indicating that September will be a very important month for the Body of Christ to prepare their hearts for what is to come.

We encourage you to engage in the National Solemn Assembly which will take place on September 15th (the beginning of the Day of Atonement / details coming at www.thecrymovement.com) and The Sound of Victory online gathering hosted by Watchmen on September 7th at 5am PDT. Watch for details at www.watchmen.org/sovpon.

Check Your Fuel

Released by Art Lucier
Click here to read full word on Art's Aug. 24th post.

After a family fun, powerful, and ‘Ruha’ filled weekend at our Holy Ghost Camp Meetings in Christian Valley, I, Art Lucier, had a powerful vision with understanding given to me, I feel, by the Lord....

Going into this festival, I wasn’t sure exactly what God wanted us to do exactly, besides worship and meet with Him, and that we did. Days out, I felt in prayer that God was saying to focus on the outpouring of His Spirit. He wanted to fill our hearts and our lamps full of oil for the journey ahead! Many showed up so dry and thirsty, desiring a move of the Holy Ghost, and they got a serious drink in the end. Thank you Lord.

On Saturday morning while leading worship, I was overcome with emotion, weeping uncontrollably while trying to sing. I would later that day ask the Lord why I was overcome as I was. I felt I heard the Lord say that it was intercession for His people. I was feeling His heart for His people to come and seek His face and drink deeply of Him. It was a time I won’t soon forget.


On Monday morning, during some private devotions on the grounds, and after the event was all over, I had a very clear and open eyed vision of a road sign.

It said, ‘Check Your Fuel’. Next Service XXX…

I then seen a gas station across the road from the sign while people were wizzing by not realizing that many of them were running low on fuel. - End of Vison -

Encouragement and Exhortations

I immediately felt the Lord telling us all in Canada to ‘Check their Fuel’… fill up while we can. Let us get and keep the oil in our lamps while it’s getting dark out there. ‘Services’ are going to be fewer in between for many. For all who got their little fill up Sunday after Sunday if you felt like it, you might wanna check your fuel level.

Fill Your Horn With Oil and Go

Released by Barry Maracle
Click here to read the full word.

This word is an invitation, not a condemnation. 5782 is the year pey bet. Pey means "the open mouth," and bet means "the house, as in Bethlehem or Bethesda."

The Ruach HaKodesh is about speak and breathe significantly through His church. The ekklesia of God is about to get her roar back!

Amid so much chaos in the world, God is about to send significant words into the house!

The church will receive such accurate words that it will forget all the trauma created by the mixture of soulish and spiritual words from the last season.

There will be a release of signs, wonders and miracles through His ekklesia into the world at the very same time God will be releasing healing throughout His body.

It will be the great and terrible day of the Lord because of everything that will be happening at the same time....

The Lord says, "It's time to receive the oil." The wise virgins are receiving the oil, while the foolish are being stupid and dull, shutting their mouths.

The Lord says: "Call on My oil. I shall come like has never been seen through the open door of my readied ekklesia."

Those who are not ready will be blown away, for indeed this shall be the great and mighty, the great and terrible mighty day of the Lord.

As the shaking, which first hit the church but will soon rattle the world, continues, "I will cause even the coffers and treasuries to be turned over to the kingdom of God in this season. Get ready for I shall do great signs and wonders for those who are ready," says the Lord....Click here to read the full word.

New Mantles Await the Jacob Generation

Released by Marc Brisboi
Click here to read full word.

The Full Equipping of God's Children Approaches

I saw mantles waiting for the Jacob generation. They will pursue God into a realm where unassigned anointings await. Their zeal will uncover one of the great aspects of the mystery of godliness. As a consequence, anointings and giftings, presently unknown, unappreciated and unused, will be claimed by those willing to pay the price of entry. They are now available for the "called and chosen."

Exhilarating Atmosphere

While recently in prayer with my team, I experienced a tremendous clarity around mantles and those who would possess them. It was a significant moment filled with a heavenly atmosphere, thick with revelation. Particularly notable was the quantity of available anointings. There were more than there were people to fill them.

An abundance of mantles were displayed for the taking, yet there was still a sense that they would be costly...not because God was reluctant to give them, but because of the demand they placed on their hosts. They are desirable but not easily carried. Like the ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the price of carrying them is selfless humility.

God has devised an unusual screening process to determine who will apprehend them. It comes by way of a journey. The journey itself screens out ambition, pride and unbelief. Those who pass through will have been prepared. More about this later... For the moment, an important principle needs to be highlighted. It has to do with the question as to why these mantles are so elusive and rare. It has to do with how unique gifts must operate from unique places.

Think of it this way. The same way wings are made for flight, anointings are made for high spiritual altitudes. Some are higher than others. Likewise, not all wings are identical. As an example, the eagle has a unique capacity to soar to extreme heights. Compared to others that fly closer to the earth, the eagle is uniquely crafted for realms largely out of reach for most. Similarly, some distinct anointings are designed for extreme altitudes. The eyes of the Lord are always looking for those willing to develop a capacity for ascension...Click here to read the remainder of the word.






Canadian: The CPC seeks to serve the nation of Canada through prophetic words that speak both to believers and to the nation in general. The focus of the CPC is national.

Prophetic: The CPC is a group of recognized national prophetic voices. Though many members of the CPC function in other giftings as well, when the CPC meets the primary purpose is to hear the word of the Lord prophetically.

Council: The CPC believes that there is wisdom in the multitude of council and that each person prophesies in part. Given this, we believe that as mature leaders come together in relationship, humility and mutual submission to seek heaven’s word for Canada, a higher quality revelation can come forth.

The CPC does not claim to be the only prophetic voice to our nation but rather is one of the representations of the prophetic in Canada.

This release is not meant to be exhaustive or cover every important issue for our nation at this time. Rather this is a sampling of the words that the CPC felt to release publicly right now.

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