Newsletter- August-2019

Message from the CEO

August newsletter has many great surprises concocted by Thalias Hospitality Group. And they will surely brighten up this upcoming month.

First, we are deeply thrilled to host the French Master Chocolatier and Confectioner Serge Granger at Khéma. Do not miss the opportunity to meet the Chef during our dedicated New High Tea events and learn more about his exceptional techniques.
If this is not enough to satisfy your appetite, we are pleased to announce that Topaz will launch its new menu very soon. Consommé de bœuf au cinq champignons, Matignon de veau à la truffe noire, Pantoufle du Cardinal… Read more below about our brand new mouthwatering dishes.

As we are always keen to share our passion and knowledge about food and cuisine, this newsletter will also focus on the health benefits of sugar cane juice - a staple drink in Cambodia - and a surprising yet delicious ingredient: blood.

On a cultural level, Thalias also wanted to highlight a fascinating work that is building up our knowledge of Angkor and how the Khmer Empire came to end. And, as our company is also fully grounded in the present, it was finally important for us to focus on the trade deal that the EU signed with Vietnam as it highlights a double-standard with the possible loss of access to the EU's Everything But Arms.

Please enjoy the reading and I look forward to continuing the conversation in one of our outlets.

Yours sincerely,
Arnaud DARC
CEO and Chairman Thalias Hospitality Group


We are deeply thrilled to bring you soon Khéma’s brand new High Tea, personally crafted by one of France’s greatest chocolatiers, Serge Granger. A divine medley of flavours, aromas and textures, the new High Tea will feature many sweet and savoury treats more

Anywhere you turn in Cambodia, you will see street vendors who freshly press the sweet, sticky juice out of long stems right in front of their thirsty client. Sugar cane doesn’t just taste good, this giant grass resembling bamboo can be good for you too more

August is a glorious time to be alive in France, but for food lovers the joys are particularly exquisite. With this inspiration in mind, Topaz’s Executive Chef Sopheak POV has crafted a special range of dishes for the upcoming restaurant’s new menu that evoke all these delicious seasonal flavours, and much more besides more

On June 30, the EU and Cambodia’s neighbour, Vietnam, signed a groundbreaking new trade agreement. Considered a positive development by many the deal nonetheless leads to questions around the EU’s long-standing strategy of linking free trade agreements with human rights objectives more

The story of the rise and fall of Southeast Asia’s greatest premodern empire is known to us all in some shape or form. Many gaps still remain in our knowledge of how the Khmer Empire came to end, but it is becoming clearer that the temples that sat at the centre of capital life were not abandoned. At least not in one swoop more

Even among eager meat eaters, there is a thin red line, drawn in blood, that some cannot bring themselves to cross. No matter how well seasoned and cooked, there is something about blood in soups, cakes or sausages that can make us feel we’re dining out on a raw, almost primeval side. Yet there is much to savour in blood’s rich, nutritious flavours more