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This squirrel jumped onto my car when I was on the phone with a friend during my lunch hour. The squirrel sat on the hood of my car, in this monk-like posture for several minutes and transmitted energy, which was palpable. The Delaware River is beyond the trees which is a powerful energy-encouraging fluid movement toward one's destiny. This message is charged by the Squirrel who exuberantly shares the following:

You have been preparing for your future for lifetimes, and what are you waiting for? The future is now! And what about those nuts you've stowed away? It's time to eat them, of course. You've been squirreling away seeds for lifetimes and Gaia will now provide all that they need to sprout so they can grow into fantastic and wonderful things! It's time to embrace the freedom to Shine!

2018-The Year of Truth


2018 will prove to be a year of expulsion and revelation which will expand and continue well into the 2020's. Long suppressed energy of Truth has finally begun to surface and this will continue although having not yet reached a critical mass. Suppressed shame as well as long held beliefs within collectives and individuals will be exposed. Humanity's belief system is being challenged which signals that change is indeed occurring.

The Feminine too is awakening, spurred by the 4 infusions of Quan Yin's energy over 2017. Her energy has assisted in empowering woman but also exposing the crimes against children, who hold our future within their hands. Long suppressed crimes and injustices will continue to be revealed as we move deeper into 2018 and the surface has barely been scratched. Revelations of unmitigated proportions are going to begin revealing the scope of manipulation and mind control that humanity has been experiencing for a very long time.


We are now at the end of a powerful influx of cosmological energy, a convergence of many influences which was intended to activate innate abilities and to further awaken the already awakened. You may have been in conflict with your destiny for the past 2 years, the past 20 years or longer however, now is when all will begin to fall in place you can finally begin to walk your path in earnest. The beings of Light who are tasked with assisting you will begin to make their presence known, if they haven't done so already. Or you may have a changing of the guard, meaning that the beings you have been working with will now depart enabling a different soul committee to enter into your existence.

Truly Evolved Beings are now positioned to move into their power, purpose and destiny allowing them to lead the charge into our next phase of evolution, which will manifest over the next 2 years.

The Ugly Side of Money


Currently, the entire Globe revolves around money and his offspring-jealousy, envy, greed and destruction. Every aspect of life is weighed on the financial scale and if it doesn't measure up it is then deleted, destroyed or recapitulated in order to create a profit. As we move into higher frequencies, all of the negative energy that is intertwined within the energy of money will begin to disentangle. The ego will begin to align with wholeness and one will then be free to experience Unconditional Happiness.

The Universe may have been nudging you to disconnect from the energy of money by systematically removing it from your existence while gently reminding you that you are always provided for. This is purposeful as disentangling from all of the negative aspects of money will assist you in moving into the higher frequencies unencumbered, pure and transparent. By transparent and pure I am referencing a time and place when your ego is no longer charged by external circumstances, allowing situations and encounters to pass through you without judgement, reaction or attachment. I have previously referred to this state as compassionate disassociation.

The Children Are The Future

The promise of a brighter future lies in part with the youngest generation and an entire system has been created to silence and disempower them. The Children struggle with the energies of Duality and the Paradigms of Hypocrisy that are currently in place. They have been forced to comply, sometimes with drugs and sometimes with re-education, having been labeled under categories that serve to suppress their innate power and intelligence. The Children do not operate under the same protocols as their parents due to the higher frequencies they were born unto. They entered this reality with an advanced knowing that Happiness is the key to living a fulfilling life. A model, which will one day, be embraced by All.

A new Global Initiation has now begun, signaled by the rise of the Children who are now banding together and demanding to have their voices heard. Their energy will grow stronger when they realize that as a United Singularity, they can begin to break down the seemingly impenetrable wall of the status quo. They are without fear and a wave has already begun to form behind them which will energize all who have been suppressed. Spurred by the Feminine and the Children, all who have been victimized will feed from their strength, pushing us All towards true and lasting change. Although mass media will distort and attempt to suppress the true meaning of their message, it matters not as the veil of secrecy has been pierced and Light has already begun to seep into our reality.

Animals Bless Our Existence

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Minnie and Buck

I'm going to preface by reminding you all that animal Watchers choose their human, usually by extraordinary means and sometimes by ordinary means. When I consider the complex circumstances that brought Jack into my life, I can only shake my head in wonderment. Additionally, the complicated path that introduced me to my dog Minnie are similarly amazing...

I was going to meet Secretariat's granddaughter named Dendrean, whom I was considering adopting. Far from my home, I was early for my introduction to Dendrean, so my husband and I stopped at a local farmers market where coincidentally, a dog adoption was taking place. My husband ran into the market ahead of me for fear of seeing a dog that he would want to take home while I dawdled around outside among the prospective canine adoptees. I was minding my own business when suddenly a small dog approached me and jumped up and grabbed my leg. Startled, I looked down and politely patted her head and asked her to remove herself from my leg. "I'm supposed to be with you." The dog transmitted to me.

"I'm possibly adopting a horse, I don't think my husband could handle adopting a dog and a horse on the same day." I politely replied.

I struck up a conversation with Minnie's handlers, which turned into a lengthy discussion because the people representing Minnie were horse people. Needless to say, my encounter with Dendrean was magical but not meant to be. She shared powerful Heart energy (Secretariat had an enormous Heart-literally- which is why he was able to win races by such an amazing degree.) with me and my ability to adopt her quickly dissolved. Minnie, on the other hand, was a different story. She easily and effortlessly became a part of our family. Minnie, in turn, brought Buckminster Fuller (aka Buck) into my life. Without her assurance and encouragement, I'm not sure where Buck would have ended up. He is a light-hearted and kind soul and although many wanted to adopt him, all perspective options faded.

I often checked the rescue site where we adopted Minnie and Buck (Then named Eli) continued to appear. The last time I checked, his home situation was critical. As I glared at his photo, Minnie whined and barked. "Should we adopt Buck?" I asked and Minnie answered by jumping on my lap, whimpering and licking my face as she stole glances at Buck's image on my computer (I should have known the answer when his named appeared in my head). I immediately emailed the rescue organization at 7:30pm on a Saturday evening and by 1pm the next day, Buck, John and I were on our way home.

Additionally, on more than one occasion, I have had animals literally show up at my front door. I have been forever changed by each one of them and they continue to enrich my life each moment of my existence. Although many have passed, I am mindful not to mourn their passing but celebrate their lives and remember in my heart, that they forever changed me... for the better. I am more alive, more grounded, more present, more healed, more blessed and more aware because each one enriched my life and loved me, unconditionally.

**Never underestimate your ability to communicate with your animals!

Animals communicate primarily telepathically but can also communicate through emotion. I find it difficult to communicate with my own animals because I am human and it is difficult for me to emotionally detach from them to receive "clean" information. However, never underestimate the ability of your animals to receive your communications. The most important thing to remember is if you communicate a request to them, do your best to honor them by paying attention.

Buck reminded me of this very recently after becoming a permanent part of the family officially at the end of November last year. He demonstrated loud and clear just how much they really "hear" us. Buck was peeing on my plants inside the house and despite my most gallant housebreaking efforts, nothing changed. Finally fed up, I looked Buck square in the eyes as I said directly:

" You have to loudly let me know when you have to relieve yourself. Using my house as a potty is not acceptable."

That same day, Buck began barking ( something he hadn't done at all) and jumped up and pawed at me- another behavior he hadn't portrayed-when It all clicked in my head- Buck has to potty! I hugged him and quickly took him outside and rewarded him when he relieved himself. He had done exactly what I asked and thankfully I recognized that he had lived up to his end of the bargain.

The point is that you don't have to be an animal communicator to communicate with your animals. Be direct and clear with your communications. Keep your words, thoughts, emotions and actions congruent. And most importantly, pay attention! If your animal continues to do something undesirable, they either do not understand or they are trying to alert you to some kind of physical, emotional, or etheric condition that needs further attention and clarifacation.

Thank you all for reading our message and we send each and everyone of you and your animal friends LOVE!
Jean, Jack and the Squirrel.

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