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October 2019


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Flock news from the large featherless being....

Wow. October is nearly November!

We are ready. This has been a.....real....year. Gripping. In your face. Like an extended interspecies roller coaster ride without those too-low, too-tight lap belts.

We've had breakups with no makeups. A new and scary diagnosis to navigate. Skin infection. Shell rot. Bloody poop. And a tumor scare that turned out to be a tummy full of (wait for it) EGGS.*

It has been heart-wrenching, eye-opening, sometimes jaw-dropping - and always the freshest and realest of realities here in our little flock.

But in the way only sweeping change can bring, this year has also been mighty and wonderful.

There are guardian angels about and we can feel their protection and love surrounding us. Many of these angels have names and faces we have grown to love and treasure so much (yes, I am talking to YOU our precious extended flock member!).

Meanwhile, the holidays are approaching once again like a horde of paparazzi with flash bulbs popping.

Speaking of holidays, if you haven't picked out all of your holiday swag yet, Pearl would like to bring your attention to a certain set of fetching and feathery books you can learn more about here - and while you're at it, read on for your chance to WIN a free copy of "Love & Feathers!"

By this time next month, Bruce will have settled down for his long winter nap, and his doting rescue mama will be consoling herself with copious daily doses of cute box turtle pics and vids.

Thanks to all that eating, Malti is finally big enough now to spend the warmer winter days outside. Once evening temps dip below 55°F, her overprotective large shell-less assistant will bring her inside to cuddle and watch Netflix on the couch together until they both fall asleep.

For safety reasons, of course.

As for me? I've been dreaming of turning "Love & Feathers" the dynamic book duo into a trilogy. Wouldn't that be fun?! :-)

*Me. Trees. Flash Gordon. Bruce. Pearl. Malti!


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon




Haven't read "Love & Feathers" yet?

It's time to treat yourself - totally for FREE!

All you have to do is post a comment on THIS BLOG POST.

The winner of "Love & Feathers" (print book version) will be chosen using a random number generator and notified via email on or before November 1.

Good luck! :-)


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Netflix + comfy couch + cute tortoise = BLISS


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Box turtle safety checks....can you spot our boy?


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Meet Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Me

PearlHatBlonde Trans

Me. Pearl.

Hi! It is so good to meet you here each month! Pearl, Malti, Bruce and their mommy love having you in our extended flock!

We are super excited about our newest book, "Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book, which features 70 of Pearl's favorite "people food" recipes, courtesy of his personal Small Chef (aka his doting large featherless Grandma).

Have you treated yourself yet to a copy of "Love & Feathers: what a palm-sized parrot has taught me about life, love, and healthy self-esteem?" If not, it's time! Get ready to smile, laugh, and fall in love with your own pets all over again.

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