An open letter from our good friends at WhyHunger to remind us that while Thanksgiving is over, the need we face to provide food for the hungry knows no season.

Dear Friends of KIDS,

“People get paid on Fridays, but the money goes for bills and stuff, so it doesn’t always go far enough. When you have to choose between putting gas in your car, paying a bill so they don’t turn your power off, or getting tends to get left behind.”

This struggle to stretch hard-earned paychecks to afford rent, bills, transportation and food is a painful and persistent reality for too many American families.

Food pantries and soup kitchens are vital resources for those who cannot make ends meet, and WhyHunger is committed to helping thousands of frontline partners produce, source and distribute healthier and more nutritious food. Through our cutting-edge Hunger Hotline and Find Food database, WhyHunger connects 400,000 Americans each year to the most local sources of food in their neighborhoods via call, text, and online search.

Providing nourishment and relief to struggling people is critical, but it is not enough to end hunger in America.

WhyHunger also supports and resources innovative, long-term solutions to hunger and its primary underlying cause: poverty. Our most recent video, a collaboration with our partners in Washington State, offers a window into the struggles of everyday Americans, the passion and creativity of local communities addressing these needs, and the importance of engaging long-term solutions that will ultimately free people from cycles of poverty and hunger.

The stories in this video are the stories of people who live on your street, work in the next cubicle, or perhaps even share your Thanksgiving table. In this season of abundance and giving, donate to Hungerthon to help us ensure that all people have healthy food and the hope of a future free from hunger.

When you donate at and you can receive limited edition gifts from Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon and Harry Chapin to share with family and friends. You can also support Hungerthon by bidding on special auctions like autographed sports and celebrity memorabilia, exclusive concerts and other unique experiences.

We hope you will join us!

The WhyHunger Team

KIDS is proud to support this effort by our good friends at WhyHunger. We invite you to join us to bring much needed food to our fellow citizens.

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