BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and SOPHIE HUNTER - ARTWORK   Thanks so much for entering our charity raffle! You now know which artwork Benedict and Sophie ve

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Benedict Cumberbatch Art 4 copy

Benedict Cumberbatch - Artwork

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Sophie Hunter - Artwork

Thanks so much for entering our charity raffle! You now know which artwork Benedict and Sophie very kindly made for our raffle. As you may know we intended to run this at the end of last year, so Benedict made these three (!!) beautiful Christmas images for us. Our schedule then changed so he asked us to raffle the 'Is this a drawing?' artwork instead - it certainly made us smile. We're now hoping to make his other images into charity Christmas cards, and will be auctioning or raffling the originals at a later date. Here they are - fabulous aren't they!? We're looking forward to Christmas already.... Follow us - watch this space and we'll keep you posted.

BC Christmas
ABC Christmas 2
BC Christmas -
Benedict Cumberbatch

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH 's personal connection to ANNO'S AFRICA -

'I'm thrilled to be supporting Anno's Africa to raise money for this incredible charity. It's an extraordinary legacy that truly befits the beautiful soul of its namesake, Anno Birkin. His brother David Birkin is one of my dearest and closest friends and through him I was lucky enough to meet and be inspired by Anno. His capacity for love and selflessness was effortlessly complemented by his extraordinary gifts as a musician and writer and poet. I was lucky enough to read some of his poetry for a CD again to raise money for this brilliant charity. They are still on sale on the website!

The charity is dedicated to creating arts courses for some of the most deprived kids living in impossibly harsh conditions in Africa's worst slums. The lack of sanitation, the living conditions of their homes, which are often corrugated iron shacks in the middle of the near lawless, sewage strewn streets and their means of making enough money to survive often include scavenging on rubbish tips with little or no protection from disease and other dangers is unthinkable. To be born into this with often no hope of escape is the living nightmare for these children.

While the immediate concerns of food, health and shelter for these young lives is paramount the only way to break the cycle of poverty is to offer some hope through education. To give children a chance to hope for better lives through introducing them to skill sets and activities that could lead to employment and a brighter future. And as Anno's Africa offers an alternative arts education to children who are often incapable of taking up the free education offered by their governments due to the expense of uniforms and books. It celebrates what should be the right of any child to imagine, create and find self-confidence and a voice through fun play and learning. But it also offers real opportunities to capitalise on these experiences and creates a potential avenue into full time employment in many areas of different media. Filmmaking,painting, music and dance...these are just a few of the activities that Anno's Africa supports. I cannot think of a better legacy for Anno, a beautiful soul I was lucky enough to know sadly all too briefly. But his spirit lives on in his parents and the extraordinary work they and ANNO'AFRICA do for children who need it the most.

Please help raise awareness and money for a cause dear to my heart. '

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Over to Benedict to explain exactly what we do and why......