Hello! I hope you are having a great summer. In this part of the world, people play hard in the summer, thoroughly savoring every bit of summer that

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I hope you are having a great summer. In this part of the world, people play hard in the summer, thoroughly savoring every bit of summer that is to be had, knowing that it doesn't last long. So, I won't keep you long.

Just a few updates regarding my Seeing with New Eyes Photography retreats (there's still room in the October beginner's retreat), some info about my custom home portraits (not just for homes), and a summary of what's been in front of my lens lately through the blog.

Get out and enjoy these luscious days!

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Opportunity to retreat: Seeing with New Eyes Photography Retreat

Retreat images

A small sample of the images created by the participants of the July retreat.

Are you a beginning to intermediate woman photographer? What have you done recently to nurture your artist within?

Imagine spending two days in a place of beauty and peace, away from the noise of the world, in community with five other women photographers.

At the heart of photography, even life, is the ability to really see, to be present to the beauty that is right in front of us each day.

A guiding quote for my work and my life comes from Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

As a photographer, technical skills are vital but secondary to the capacity to see.

In this retreat, through a variety of activities and the tools of photography, we will hone our capacity to see the world around us. Time will also include learning and practicing basic photographic skills and techniques. There will be both private and group time to practice, learn, and share.

The retreat will be held October 2-4, 2015 at New Skete Monastery in Cambridge, NY. For full details and registration click here.

Only one spot remains for the October retreat, so if this sounds good to you, don't ponder too long! Or if you know someone who would enjoy this, please share with them. More retreats will be planned in the future, so let me know if you'd like to be on a retreat-specific mailing list.

New Skete-0657

New Skete Monastery provides a wealth of opportunities for image making.

Just a few of the words used by participants of July Advanced Photographer's "Seeing with New Eyes" retreat to describe their experience:
* exhilarating
* inspiring
* peaceful
* collaborative
* joyful
* supportive
* flexible
* fun
* community
* encouraging

For more information or to register for the October retreat click here.

New Skete-3121

July advanced retreat participants. There is a mix of group and individual activities.


Home Portraits: Not just for Homes

20150803 130730  1

Home Portrait display at NBT Bank, 1 Kirkland Ave. Clinton, NY

I'm currently working on a series that will highlight a family's special tree, one that stands tall over their home and has been a place of comfort and play for the family. So far, I have the spring and the summer tree painted.

Any place that is special to you is a good subject for a custom portrait:
Porches ~ Entries ~ Gardens ~ Vacation homes ~ Farms ~ Landmarks ~ Churches ~ Businesses

If you are in the Clinton area, you have an opportunity to see a few of my home portraits as they would look in your home, large, framed, and printed on canvas. I have a display through the end of August at the NBT bank at 1 Kirkland Ave, Clinton, NY.

If you have any thoughts of gifting a home portrait for the holidays, please keep in mind that the deadline for ordering for the holidays is October 15.

For more information on custom home portraits see the gallery and info on my website at this link.


In front of my lens lately...

Beech Tree Mandala GSHaile

Beech Tree Bark Mandala ©Gail S. Haile

Recent blog posts show a few of the things I've been seeing though my lens lately:

Summer, Roses, and Mandalas

Portrait of an Inn

Seneca Lake Colors

A Retreat: Part one

Retreat: Part Two

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New Skete 1 GailSHaile

Queen Anne's Lace Ready to Burst ©Gail S. Haile

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