Zoey turned two, I'll be teaching in Kansas next week, NeckLITES and dyed clothesline back in stock, I wrote a new book, and Scooter hogs the last par


Zoey turned two, I'll be teaching in Kansas next week, NeckLITES and dyed clothesline back in stock, I wrote a new book, and Scooter hogs the last part of the newsletter.


Hello Quilter!

Where did the summer go? I blinked and it was gone. Here it is fall already and Zoey just turned two! Now I'm really scratching my head---how did two whole years go by already?!

This grandmother thing is so wonderful. Zoey lives an hour and 11 minutes away and we hang out at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. It's the best.


New Book

Don't get excited. It's called "Zoey's Big Book of Things To Count." I took pictures of her socks, books, toys, and other things around the house that she can name and count. Wallgreens printed both copies. (Hey, I had a coupon!) Already in pre-publication is "The Day I Turned Two," a fascinating account of last Wednesday.

If you've made books online, what's your favorite website/program? Best prices? Coming from a publishing background, I think I made this one way more difficult than it needed to be. I'd like to control the number of pages, background colors, and basically everything else. (So predictable.) But I will try and become more flexible if it will save some time.


On The Road

I'll be teaching for the End of the Trail Quilt Guild in Abilene, KS on October 25th and for the Country Quilters in Topeka on the 26th and 27th. I believe the workshops are full, but there's always room for another chair at the lecture. I'd love to see you there. Click here for more information.


Dyed Clothesline

It sure took me long enough to package up the clothesline I dyed at the end of the summer. It's finally up on the website. Click here for my free tutorial on how to wrap clothesline into a bowl and to see all the pretty colors. You could have some serious fun, you know.

If you're into wrapping fabric around the clothesline before you coil and sew, speed things up with my PowerWrapper, the only sewing tool you're supposed to sit on. Details are here.



I just got another order of NeckLITES in. If you know someone who needs brighter light --- and who doesn't--- I can't say enough good things about this light. You wear it around your neck. Use the bead on the neck strap to hike the light up or down as needed (depending on your "boobage") and then tilt it to point the light exactly where you need it to be. Move the magnets at the ends of the neck strap to keep the light at the angle you tilted to. It runs on two AA batteries, and it is light as feather. And SUPER BRIGHT! Click here. I have these colors in stock right now.


Scooter's Turn

Scooter here. I thought you would like to know how I relax. Maybe you could try it if you are feeling stressed. I keep my front paws straight out, stiff as a board, for many long times. Sometimes I sleep like this. Don't worry, Mom can't figure it out either.

That's her Amish Center Diamond quilt on the wall. That's because she didn't measure the bed until the quilt was finished and it was too late to make it fit. We have lots of quilts like that hanging around the house. I don't usually give quilting advice, but I think you should measure the bed first and then make the quilt fit the bed.

See the rug made out of thrift shop shirts on the floor? Nobody is allowed to walk on it, or sleep on it, or nothing. Not even Dad. Mom is very strict about that. She is making another rug. We won't be able to step on that one either. If you want to make a stupid, useless rug too, and stick it right where your dog would like to sleep, she has a free tutorial here.

I have had a wonderful summer running around the yard and barking at the lawn mowers. I stop when Mom whistles me to come. Trouble is she's not very good at whistling. She sticks her fingers in her mouth and blows, but the whistle part only works about half the time. The rest of the time it's just spit. I don't come when people spit. That's my new rule, mostly because I can't hear when they spit.

Mom also has an empty water bottle with pebbles in it. I am supposed to be afraid of it and stop barking whenever she shakes it. But I like it, so I stop whatever I'm doing and run right to Mom. She just can't figure me out.

Cat on Dash

Here is my video pick for this newsletter. It is a cat relaxing. Mom just wishes it was the passenger taking the video and not the driver. It would not be a dangerous situation if I rode up there because nobody could see out enough to drive the car in the first place!


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and take some time to quilt a little too.

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