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This issue features an article and a video clip on mindfulness techniques that may help improve your sports performance. There are also personal stories about my work in the aged care sector and the sports arena. Plus other Tai Chi information.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi

The Johnny Weissmuller Question


TARZAN 1934 Johnny Weissmuller by LALO VAZQUEZ

A question I ask aged care residents when I'm running a Chair Chi workshop is "Who was Johnny Weissmuller?"

Usually one or two will know the answer.

Why ask this question? To stimulate residents long term memory and also to get a laugh.

This is how I go about it.

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Waverley Warriors Women's Football Team


Recently I had a very enjoyable time running my Sports Chi presentation for the Waverley Warriors women's football team.

We covered Tai Chi basics, adapted for football, which included mindfulness, correct body structure, breathing, balance, relaxation, protecting yourself and Chi.

Twenty five women attended plus one eight old boy who did an outstanding job performing the 'don't think, sink' drill.

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Here's a very interesting clip on mindfulness by a high profile teacher George Mumford, who has worked with players such as baketball greats Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

I do like his approach about using the mind to further improve sports performance.

Tai Chi: One Process


A quote by Chungliang Al Huang which resonates with me.

'Tai Chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process'.

Mind Games


Here is some more information on how to use your mind to further improve your sports performance.

These tips are from the article 'How sports psychology transformed Michigan’s free throw', written by Andrew Kahn, University of Michigan basketball beat writer.

The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine


An interesting clip which shows 'a brief introduction to the five elements or phases used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi by Danny Blyth of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. A brief look of the basic arrangements and resonances of the elements along with a brief history.'

The five elements talked about in this clip:- Fire - Earth - Metal - Water - Wood are also important so as to understand Tai Chi on a deeper level.

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