News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 118 MAY 2015 Dear Reader, Welcome to the May issue of Starlink and its usual array of snippets and resources.


News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 118 MAY 2015


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the May issue of Starlink and its usual array of snippets and resources.

We admit it can be a challenge to ensure each issue covers topics to interest everyone, given the range of sectors, workplaces. programs and roles in which our readers are employed! We assume there will be some issues that appeal to you and your interests more than others.

But we hope that each month, including this one, you find at least one item to spark your interest. :)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

The Daily Riff


A site full of fascinating insights and food for thought for educators everywhere, The Daily Riff is well worth visiting and browsing. It "curates" what the editors find as the most interesting, important and thought-provoking news from the sphere of education and presents it in quick, digest-sized take-aways for you.

As C.J. Westerberg, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, says:

"Too many people steeped in the educational 'system' are steering the conversation away from those interests that matter most: our students who are the future. Kids and parents feel something is just not right. So do the best educators. We are here to let you know what we find... and to sort it out with you ...every day. It should be a wild ride - jump in and join us"

ACYS to be Defunded


Starlink has never been and is not a political platform. It has always held to a bipartisan view - we know that the pendulum tends to swing from one side to the other in every sector under both of our main political parties. :)

However on this occasion we felt the need to comment on the fact that the Australian Clearing House for Youth Studies (ACYS) has been defunded in the latest Federal budget ... after 30 years of operation!

ACYS has always been a wonderful source of the latest news, information and resources for the youth sector in the years since Starlink began back in 1995. So it is with a heavy heart we consider the fact it may be no more.

We hope that either the government's decision may be reversed, or another source of funding will be found to ensure that ACYS continues to provide the wonderful service it has always provided to those who work in the youth sector.

For more information, or to offer your support, visit the ACYS website.

Opening Minds: Talking about Mental Illness


The Opening Minds website has an absolutely huge collection of short films and podcasts sharing the stories of people with lived experience of mental illness.

A very eclectic collection of stories from all walks of life, this is an excellent source for teachers, workers in the mental health sector or anyone who would like to understand more fully what it is like to live with a mental illness.

We did a quick count and found approximately 10 items per page - and over 50 pages of stories! So there are far more stories here than most of us would have time to explore. Browsing through the titles and cherry-picking those that call to you will probably be a better approach.

Our Workshops: Sale, Shepparton, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney

There are still places available in our June workshops in Sale, Shepparton and Melbourne. Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney are in the second half of the year. See all the dates below.

Each workshop is $352 (incl GST) or $319 (incl GST) at the Early Bird rate. Early Bird deadlines vary, depending on the workshop date. (See the cut off dates for those in our full Program Schedule.) Click on the images below for more information about each program.


Chair Chi Lvl 1
Sale 01/06
Shepp. 15/06
Melb. 22/06
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry
Sale 01/06
Shepparton 15/06
Melb. 22/06
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


Chair Chi Lvl 2
Sale 02/06
Shepp. 16/06
Melb. 23/06
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11


Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®
Sale 02/06
Shepparton 16/06
Melb. 23/06
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11

The Choice Project


Are you a family member, friend or relative of a person with dementia who died in the previous two years?

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Southern Cross University invite you to participate in an online survey for the Choice Project.

We are investigating the issues, challenges and processes of providing end of life care for people with dementia.

The study will help us better understand the perspectives of family carers (including relatives, friends, neighbours or significant others) concerning the care of their relative or friend with dementia who wished to stay at home until the final stages of their life.

Interested in participating? See this website or contact Alexandra Young on 02 9114 4084

Dementia and Diabetes


The Royal District Nursing Service has some excellent resources about Dementia and Diabetes available at no cost on their website.

Getting To Know Me - A Dementia Training Package is an online self-directed course that you can undertake at your own pace. It's been "designed to enhance the knowledge of clinicians working with people who have dementia." No special background knowledge or understanding of dementia is required.

There are six sessions altogether, which incorporate slides and videos as well as subject matter to read. You can view the sessions one by one or collectively. The length of time to complete the course will vary depending on past experience and the pace at which each person need to absorb the information.

There are also talking books available in languages other than English about diabetes (Greek, Italian, Macedonian & Vietnamese) and dementia (Vietnamese).

These books open in your internet browser like a book, with navigation arrows to turn the pages. The English version is written on the left hand page, the translated version on the right. To listen to the 'talking book', you click on the photograph of the translator, to the bottom right of the page. Clicking on the red box next to that photo will stop the audio. The books are also printable if you wish to have a hard copy available as well.

Out and About on the Web


10 Steps for Avoiding Teacher Burnout


How Gratitude Can Help You Through Hard Times



apple and books

The Flipped Class: Myths vs Reality

Branding and Marketing Toolkit for Community Based Businesses and Products


Produced by the Aspen Institute, this Branding and Marketing Toolkit is an excellent resource for any organisations or community groups engaged in social entrepreneurship, community-based businesses or for nonprofit organisations wishing to develop a "for-profit venture" as part of their funding strategy.

Subtitled Lessons from the Ford Foundation Community-Based Forestry Demonstration Program, 2000–2005, it's not a new publication. Also some of the information in the toolkit (for example the legal structures discussed) is very US-centric. However most of what it contains is still very relevant today and is also applicable for Australia.

There are checklists and worksheets for different aspects of establishing, monitoring and marketing a community-based business. These included identifying market opportunities and target markets, setting up a marketing plan, developing your brand, promotion and advertising and strategies for measuring success.

Early Childhood Flexibility Practices and Patterns


Early Childhood Australia provides a range of resources about flexible practice, including the Early Childhood Flexibility Practices and Patterns Report and the Long Day Care Flexibility Report as well as several tip sheets, case studies, a video and blog posts.

Well worth visiting for anyone working in the early childhood sector!

Flexibility in early childhood education and care services refers to anything that meets the needs of families. This may involve a whole range of things including, but not limited to: non-standard hours; flexible sessions and enrollment; working in combination with other services; and flexible location or service delivery.

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere: SWIRL Exhibition

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere

Melbourne readers may be interested to visit a wonderful exhibition, coming up at Gallery Sunshine Everywhere from 24 May 24 to 21 June.

Called SWIRL (Story Writing in Remote Locations), it celebrates the twentieth year of Lawry Mahon and Victoria University education students working with Indigenous Communities in Northern Territory.

Visit their website for more information.

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