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This issue includes articles, tips, video clips and a personal experience of working in Aged Care. The short video clip on Strategies for Effective Behavioural Intervention is worth watching as it applies to a wide variety of situations and age groups.

Chris Bennett
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When I work with residents at aged care centres, running a Chair Chi session, occasionally something special happens that makes it all worthwhile.

The other day I was working with a group of residents and one resident was stooped over in his wheel chair, his back at about a 45 degree angle.

We were focusing on aligning the body vertically and I’m very careful when I teach this technique not to cause pain or aggravate any existing injuries.

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Strategies for Effective Behavioural Intervention


A short clip by Greg Foster that has handy tips on how to handle difficult behaviours.

As I work in schools, aged care and the sports arena they are certainly handy tips to keep in mind when dealing with difficult behaviours.

The clip includes 'strategies for effective behavioural intervention'.

Teachers or carers of children or adults with autism, ADHD, communication difficulties, or intellectual disabilities may find these strategies useful.

It covers a four step process of:
1 - Avoid >> 2- Ignore >> 3- Redirect >> 4- Reward

What Have I Done That Really Matters


In the documentary ‘More Than a Game‘, Dru Joyce II reflects on a decision he had to make when his son’s high school basketball coach left and Dru was asked to take over as a first year coach.

The team, St Mary St Vincent, was a potential title winning team and had a young Lebron James on the team – now a famous National Basketball Association player and rated by many as the best player in the world.

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What is Tai Chi Chuan? Part One - Hands Form

Tai Chi Chuan is a health and self defence system. There are various styles of Tai Chi and the major styles are Yang, Wu, Chen, Sun, Wu Hao, and all the styles comprise of five sections: The Hand Form - Push Hands - Chi Kung/Nei Kung - Self Defence - Weapons (sword, sabre, spear).

In this five part series I've selected one clip from each of the sections of Tai Chi to give you an appreciation of what they look like.

Part One - The Hand Forms selections are random, as there are a huge variety of Tai Chi examples on YouTube and they vary in techniques. I've selected samples of five of the major styles of Tai Chi

What's Happening?

I've started contacting schools. aged care organisations and sporting clubs for expressions of interests for our workshops and programs: Pozitive Kidz are Happy Kidz, Ease Pain ... the Chi Way and Sports Chi.

It's a huge job of telephone calls and emails but l'm getting some nibbles. Recently I had a Director from an aged care organisation from New York (USA) enquire about our Chair Chi program, so that's exciting.

I sometimes feel I'm in the business of rejection but as they say 'if you don't ask you don't get'. :)

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