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Happy April to you and your little one(s)! I hope this message finds you safe and well.

How has book time been going this month? Have you had a chance to play “Which Way Is Up?” yet?

If so, I’d love to hear all about it!

Hit ‘Reply’ and share your favourite gameplay story, or any suggestions you might have for how I could make the game even better.

I have lots more fun things to share with you this month, so let’s jump right in, shall we?


Early Literacy Tip for April

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Click & Save Phone Wallpaper -- a little visual reminder that joy can be a powerful motivator. <3

The more I learn about early literacy and teaching young children to read, the more I come to believe that the most powerful way to engage kids in reading is to focus on making it an activity they enjoy.

That's one reason why following your little one’s interests when selecting books is so important. It creates a positive association with reading by connecting it to things they already love.

Same goes for approaching book time as a time of connection. Bonding with your child over a story can create intensely powerful positive associations, whether you make it all the way through a book or not.

Over time these positive associations can develop into what early literacy professionals refer to as print motivation -- aka being motivated to engage with books, articles, websites, textbooks and any other printed language materials they will eventually learn how to read.

And the first step in building this motivation, is to show them that reading can be something they want to do. Something they enjoy.


Online Storytime

Of course building this motivation is NOT something you have to do alone.

Libraries, bookstores, pre-schools, daycares and other children’s organizations are filled with individuals who are invested in supporting you and your little one(s) in developing their early literacy skills.

Not to mention the ever-growing community of independent educators, occupational therapists, early literacy ambassadors and storytime readers (like yours truly), who want nothing more than to see your kiddo(s) soar all the way to the stars!

This month’s featured storytime offers a little jumpstart on that journey. So gather your wild one(s) and let’s spend some time exploring the skies with Sam and Stella, before flying our rocket ships “Far, Far, Far to the Stars”.

The book starts around the 6:15 mark, if you want to jump right in.


Offline Activity

For this month’s offline activity I wanted to create something to support you in taking the idea of following your kiddo’s interests and making it concrete.

So I designed a printable checklist you can use to brainstorm your child’s interests and note books you've already read about those topics -- preferably ones they enjoy -- as well as books on those topics that you’d like to try.

Grab your copy now from our brand new Little Readers Resource Library by clicking the button below.

Bonus Tip

If you’re strapped for time or book shopping ranks high on your scale of overwhelm, feel free to take the list with you on your next visit to the library or local bookstore, and ask the staff for their suggestions.

Most libraries will also accept these kinds of requests via email, if that’s safer for you right now, and I imagine many bookstores would as well.

Of course you can always feel free to email it back to me, and I’ll be happy to offer my suggestions for titles that match your kiddo’s topic(s) of choice.


That's It, My Friend!

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Thank you again for welcoming me into your inbox and spending this time with me today.

I do hope you find this information useful, and if you do, be sure to bookmark our brand new Little Readers Resource Library!

All of the offline activities, literacy tip wallpapers and previously published monthly newsletters have been archived in one place to help you keep that Inbox Zero dream alive!

Until next month, take care and happy reading!

Tanya Bee


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