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March 2017


REMC1 would like to thank everyone who completed the Video in the Classroom survey, featured in our January newsletter. Your feedback was much appreciated and we’ll be implementing it to better serve you! Congratulations to Linda Lohmann from L’Anse Area Schools who was randomly selected to receive a copy of John Sowash’s The Chromebook Classroom!


TRIG/Dell Virtual Professional Learning for March 2017
No Cost Professional Development
(open to all districts)

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All courses below are 3 weeks in length and contain two live, 1-hour webinars. After registering, you will receive course instructions; webinars will begin the second week of the month (first week is rolling enrollment and pre-course readings).

Click on the links below to get
more information on each course and to register.

NEW COURSE! (9 SCECHs) Using Open Educational Resources (OERs) to Enhance & Grow Your Teaching
Introduction to Applying Google Apps for Education
Intermediate Google for Learning
Authentic Student Learning and Gamification
Introductory Practices in Literacy Instruction and Technology
Leading a Culture of Change in Your School
Design Thinking Made Practical
Office 365: Improving Student Learning and Management
Personalized & Blended Learning for ALL Students
Professional Development through Social Media
Social Media: Rockstar Course
* All other courses are 6 SCECHs


Passwords (and security questions) are the key to accessing all of your sensitive data, so having a way to keep them secret, making them secure, and yet being able to find and use them when you need to is more critical than ever.

There are many password management tools available to help manage your password effectively. Our favorite, LastPass, now even includes multiple platform compatibility for free (you can use their website, and an app on your phone).

Here is a review of some of the best managers out there, and PCMagazines editors choices.

Think you have a great password? Here's a site where you can see how long it will take to crack it.


If you need access to login information, please contact our helpdesk.
906-482-4520 ext 400

Black History Month Content:

Shmoop Learning Guide for Uncle Tom’s Cabin – A lively learning guide to support educators in crafting engaging lessons around literary content.

Picture It! Instructional Strategy with Historical Images – Using these historical images, this strategy encourages students to collaborate and make evidence-supported connections using a large amount of information.

Tundra Connections: Arctic ABC’s – Feature animals and information specific to the Arctic, also discussing the type of education required to become a biologist and work with polar bears.

Econ Essentials Learning Modules – These interactive modules can integrate seamlessly into the classroom as an introduction to basic economic concepts or a reinforcement of lessons already presented.

Navy STEM Lesson Plans – DE and the Navy present a series of interactive lesson plans specifically designed to explore new ideas from the physics of flight to the engineering of future ships.


ZipGrade is a useful app for teachers. Julia Belej gives a brief description on how this app works: "Students take a multiple choice test and fill in the corresponding answers on the bubble sheet. To grade, a teacher can download the Zipgrade app and scan the bubble sheet. The app automatically corrects the sheet and gives you a score! You get 100 free scans per month (after it costs $6.99 for one year), and there are a variety of bubble sheets (20, 50, or 100 questions)."


EduPaths is a free resource from TRIG created to centralize PD around the state. Find resources and get FREE SCECH hours!

Current REMC Connect (REMC Association of Michigan Newsletter)

Discovery Streaming back to school resources

MeL is a great place for Michigan Teachers to find classroom resources. They have just recently launched MeL Teachers which offers eight centers that will help with site navigation and make important information easier to access.

March 2
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