Thanks for Loving Deep Cello Deep Cello hand roasts our coffee. That means that each batch is carefully prepared, defect-free, with no off flavors, b

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Thanks for Loving Deep Cello

Deep Cello hand roasts our coffee. That means that each batch is carefully prepared, defect-free, with no off flavors, bitterness or acidity. People love our chocolatey goodness, whether you are a light, medium, or dark roast fan!

We wanted to let you know that we've got a sale going on now for the next few days that takes a dollar off our standard prices (listed below).

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The Team at Deep Cello

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Brazilian Espresso

Bossa Espresso

$17.95 per Pound

When you grind Bossa, aromatic torrents are unleashed that last until the last bit of crema is scooped from bottom of your cup. All the way along you’ll be riffing to the harmony of lively fruit, the nut and chocolate notes, and the low acidity (hallmarks of our roasting style). Notice the clear coffee presence throughout whether you prepare it straight or with milk.

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You've never tasted anything better.

Black Tie™ Roast

$.16.95 per Pound

Voted "Best Coffee in Oregon" in two separate blind tastings, Black Tie delivers deep chocolate, coffee and cherry brandy notes with lower acid and no bitterness. This one is a personal staff favorite. Great in a drip or espresso system, french or cowboy style. LOL.

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Bion Giorno!

Nostromo Italian Roast

$16.95 per Pound

Believe us when we tell you that this is a roast that anyone will enjoy. It's mahogany-level dark beans could be called "neo-European." Why spring for a thirteen-hour plane ride when you can soar above the clouds with a cup every morning? Beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Flores, and Sumatra.

“Nostromo from Deep Cello was easily one of the most flavorful dark roast coffees that I’ve ever had and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone that likes darker coffees (or even a lighter roast fiend like me).” – Daily Shot of Coffee

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HiJump Front17331-0

Our Top-Selling Coffee

High Jump Blend

$16.95 per pound

An excellent gourmet roasted coffee: syrupy rich coffee flavor, deep chocolate and caramel flavor, with hints of mint, apricots for some tasters. It’s super great and very popular.

In the densely-bodied cup are buttery, chocolaty and stone fruit overtones typical of the finest African coffee. It’s acidity is low and it has a long, wet finish which actually improves as the coffee cools. It’s great black or with a little cream. Our professional tasters love the smoothness.

“I’m not normally a light roast kind of guy, but this stuff is fantastic!” – David S, Los Angeles

This blend includes coffees from: Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Papua New Guinea

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The All-New Black Tie Decaf

$16.95 per Pound

A genuine Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Process coffee water process decaf. Perhaps the most aromatic decaf we’ve ever tasted. It’s loaded with that unbeatable Ethiopean taste, body, and Sidamo quality.

This coffee is mind-blowingly good. And it’s better than most caffeinated coffees. With smooth, low-acidity goodness, Black Tie Decaf is the perfect complement to any evening occasion, or for those who need to reduce their caffeine intake. The good news is that you won’t have to sacrifice flavor. With delicious coffee flavors and syrupy smoothness, Black Tie Decaf will impress you.

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SpeedBump Label17331-0

You Gotta Try SpeedBump!

A low-caf that contains 35% caffeinated beans. Coffee Review gave it a great rating of 88 points (very high for reduced-caf).

DailyShotofCoffee's Mike Crimmins said, "I'm leery of Decaf-type coffee. This one is the best I've tried, and from one of my favorite roasters on the West Coast.

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