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This is the fifth newsletter, introducing Casa Muriel Senior Living – A communal home and medical resource center proposed to be built near Antigua, Guatemala in 2020-21. If you missed previous newsletters look for them here on the website: Or write to

Music - The Universal Therapy

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The melody and lyrics of our celebrations, traditions, and social events evoke toe-tapping memories and a smile of recognition that invite the whole group to join in.

The SPICE of life is Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional, and music enhances every aspect of that life. Casa Muriel will provide engaged elders with an environment of creativity by organizing in-house musical events and group trips to public concerts.

Not Your Parent's Retirement Home

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Casa Muriel residents will be exploring Guatemalan folkloric and trova songs, search engine efficiency, and mind-expanding musical options, together with curious young adults who crave the perspective of their experience. For past generations of retirement homes, bingo, golf and shuffleboard were the standard, but it’s a whole new multi-cultural dance-inspired world out there now.

Successful Inter-Generational Homes

In Holland, university students live in retirement homes in exchange for sharing common interests with the residents. Older folks are integral contributors to society as instructors and advisors. We appreciate their input because inter-generational support benefits everyone involved.

Tieu-Tiffany 500 artist in residence

Sometimes young musicians are the contributors as "artists in residence". Energetic and open-minded music students live at the senior home for no charge in exchange for performing recitals and concerts. We want to introduce this successful European model to our Casa in Antigua, Guatemala.

Extraordinary Elders in the News, Again

What is Hip? FIFTY Years of Experience. That's What.


Watch the 50th Anniversary Show

The Tower of Power soul and funk ensemble started performing together in 1968. Vocalists, percussionists, brass and string musicians, each with a lifetime of experience, give it up in the tightest "Soul Power" performance ever - The 50th anniversary concert.

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Hear "Cruel Twist"

Since the 1960's, record companies have hired studio sessions musicians in Los Angeles because they are the best in the business. You admired their precision riffs behind the most iconic performers of the 20th century. Those same rock-solid musicians are blowing minds again in the 21st century as The Immediate Family with skills and style unmatched by younger artists.


Investing in Casa Muriel, Cooperative Home

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Individuals and businesses recognize the value of returns from Casa Muriel because we are personally familiar with the community members who will benefit from our multi-faceted senior center. Choose an investment option that encourages you to participate in decisions that will improve your home environment and establish Casa Muriel as an institution in our community.


Investors, shareholders, sponsors, partners and participants are all welcome to discuss how they might find an opportunity for development together with our Antigua ex-pats cooperative project. Call Lori today for a business plan presentation for your group.

Lori @ Guatemala Retirement .com | +502-3315-1555
Lori Shea | Antigua, Guatemala


Guatemala Medical Travel: Business Up-date

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The GMT office is open in Antigua Guatemala and ready to accept new clients. Nurses and patient service coordinators are connected with the best doctors, dentists and hospitals in Guatemala City, to provide you with the highest standard of medical safety measures, as recommended by the experts.

GUA airport

Visit the G.M.T. Website

Government sources indicate that our GUA airport is being prepared and renovated to safely accept international arrivals after August 15th. Call us for the latest public health up-dates.

Lori Shea

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