30 Horse Rescue -UpdateUpdate on YOUR Horses Dear Animal Welfare Supporter, It's been an exciting four days since we received the judge's signed c


30 Horse Rescue -Update

Update on YOUR Horses


Enjoying a bite to eat after arriving at their safe house

Dear Animal Welfare Supporter,

It's been an exciting four days since we received the judge's signed court order last Friday. On Saturday, our transporter and Humane Officer drove down to Alameda Racetrack to pick up two stallions. They were met at the gate by six officials from the California Horse Racing Board. The horses were identified by their tattoos and loaded onto the HSSF trailer and whisked away to begin their new life. They will receive a very important visit from the veterinarian on Saturday and they will no longer be stallions!!

Yesterday morning, two transport trailers and a team of five, accompanied our Humane Officer to a second location where nine mares were being kept. Local law enforcement provided standby service in case the former horse owner showed up unexpectedly.

All but three mares allowed the handlers to halter them and lead them into the trailer (they were very good girls). The team built a catch pen for the last three and moved them into the trailer - doors closed and away they went to their safe house where they will be evaluated by a veterinarian and given any medical attention needed (we suspect they will all require a dental and vaccines at the very least). We estimate the average age in this herd is about 6 years of age.


The Rest of the Herd


Sharing a meal

Our attorneys are working on finding the last four horses. Thirteen horses will remain in the care of folks who have been providing for them for a long time - after the former owner abandoned them on the property. These good people, who know the horses well, will help HSSF find good homes for them.

Meanwhile, HSSF's attorney is working on responding to the lawsuit filed against us last Thursday by the former owner. Get this, he's put a lien on the 9 mares for their care from February to November in the amount of $39,000!!! Think about that for a minute and you will see how absurd his lawsuits are.

When we began HSSF, we believed we would be helping animals by removing them from cruel situations. We've come to find out that we've spent nearly as much time in court accomplishing that mission as we have in the field.

Until we meet again on the next rescue project - thank you once more for your financial support to help these horses and good people caught up in a tangled mess.

Here is a video of some of the horses. They are telling you they are excited to see a horse trailer and some of their sisters being loaded: "Wait For Me"(!!)


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