Welcome to the fourth and last edition of Partnership Insights - a short series of publications aimed at following up on the Cross sector partnership


Welcome to the fourth and last edition of Partnership Insights - a short series of publications aimed at following up on the Cross sector partnership guideline that was published in March 2016.

In this final edition we will be focusing on some of the more intricate aspects of partnerships and whether it is really possible to set up cross-sector partnerships that benefit all of the involved partners equally much. Can you balance a commercial approach with a humanitarian goal?

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There is hope, joy and laughter in the eyes of the children in the Kakuma refugee camp. Here, private sector is engaging with relief aid work.. Photo © by Jakob Brodersen / access2innovation


Cross-sector partnerships often set out to balance humanity and business. In this story we examine whether this balance is possible to achieve.

Over the last three editions of Partnership Insights we have looked into different aspects of cross-sector partnerships aimed at sustainable solutions in
developing countries. But is it really worth the while for both partners? Is it possible to engage in a cross-sector partnership where both civil society
organisations and private companies benefit equally, or will one of the partners always come out on top?

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Carrying the produce to market, Kwale, southern Kenya. Photo @ by Jakob Brodersen / access2innovation


Getting a balanced output is one of the main challenges of cross-sector partnerships. The basic idea is that both partners should benefit equally in relation to the time and effort they have spent. Line Thaudahl Jakobson and Kaspar Bro Larsen from Danish Red Cross share their thoughts and experiences on the matter.

Over the last decade, Danish Red Cross has been active in a large number of cross-sector partnerships. In fact, one could argue that their partnership
experiences go back even further if you count the various interactions and sponsorship deals with private companies who have traded generous donations for the credibility of the Red Cross logo.
These types of partnerships still exist as a part of Red Cross’ fundraising activities, but over the last ten years, cross sector partnerships have developed into far more intricate and complex interactions between
humanitarian organisations and private companies.

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partnership insights is a series of digital publications that build on the Cross-sector Partnership Guideline published by Danish Red Cross with research and analysis by Deloitte.

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