Jan 5, 2021


Are you concerned about...

▪ the federal debt?
▪ parent rights?
▪ protecting the vulnerable?
▪ freedom of speech and faith?
▪ protecting our democratic institutions?
▪ life?
the federal debt?
parent rights?
protecting the vulnerable?
freedom of speech and faith?
protecting our democratic institutions?

...and more?

Then we strongly advise you read this and register for the Conservative Policy Convention TODAY.

One of the most important things you can do to impact our nation for the future is to be 'in the room' when decisions are being made. This is why policy conventions (for any party) are so important. It is one of the places decisions are being made that will chart our future together as a nation.

If you are a member of the Conservative Party of Canada we encourage you to sign up to be a delegate for the upcoming virtual convention which will take place March 18-20th. You must register by January 15th. (Only those who were members of the party by Dec. 25th, 2020 can register.)

Click here to register now.

Never been to a convention and don't know how it all works?

NO PROBLEM...we are here to help in the entire journey!

Once registered, please e-mail us at to let us know and we will communicate next steps to you. We will also let you know what resolutions we feel are important to vote for or against. Stay tuned on that.

Lastly, click below to watch a video with Faytene Grasseschi and Doug Sharpe from the National Leadership Briefing discussing why this Convention is so important and please share all this with your friends who share your values!

Notice: We will also alert you about the policy conventions for other parties as information for them become available.


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