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Meijer, Albert | Webster, William

Webportal vs google for finding government information on the web: From a website-centric approach to a web ecology perspective
Henman, Paul | Graham, Tim

Creating value through data collaboratives
Klievink, Bram | van der Voort, Haiko | Veeneman, Wijnand

Explaining non-adoption of electronic government services by citizens: A study among non-users of public e-services in Latvia
Van de Walle, Steven | Zeibote, Zane | Stacenko, Sergejs | Muravska, Tatjana | Migchelbrink, Koen

Social networks, cultural orientations and e-government adoption behavior: A Fijian study
Zhao, Fang | Naidu, Suwastika | Chand, Anand | Singh, Gurmeet | Sewak, Aarti | Karan, Maureen

Pseudo-public political speech: Democratic implications of the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Heawood, Jonathan

Book Review


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* Call for Papers: special issue on Blockchain
This special issue, guest-edited by Prof. Hans Jochen Scholl and Prof. Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar seeks high-quality contributions in theoretical, empirical, experimental, and application-oriented research on blockchain and Digital Government.

* Call for Papers: special issue on Governing Smart Cities
This special issue, guest-edited by Prof. Albert Meijer and Prof. William Webster, is looking for papers that examine the ways in which new smart city environments are governed and the ways in which smart city governance arrangements are evolving with the development of new smart technologies.

* Call for Papers: special issue on Public Governance and Policy in the Sharing Era
Guest-Editors Dr. Sukumar Ganapati and Dr. Christopher G. Reddick propose this track to take stock of the major strands of the sharing economy debates and initiate a broad research agenda on the nexus between sharing economy and the public sector. The sharing economy shifts focus from how information and communications technologies can enhance organizational performance and citizen engagement. Sharing economy fundamentally affects the broader economic and governance processes.


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interesting news and feature blogs
events related to the e-government community
content updates and most cited papers
submission guidelines and calls for papers
information on subscriptions

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