Thank you for booking San Vino (La Batalla de vino) with us, The Stoke Travel Co. 28th - 30th June 2016 You are about to have a hooty whale of a ti

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Thank you for booking San Vino (La Batalla de vino) with us, The Stoke Travel Co.

28th - 30th June 2016

You are about to have a hooty whale of a time, make plenty of lifelong soulmates and friends, completely overindulge....and probably not remember any of it!

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How the hell do you find us?

You are getting Stokified with a beer or 50! It's important to know your way around before that happens:


The campsite is within walking distance of central Haro, the easiest way to find it is google the address and follow google maps or just come on our one of our buses from Barcelona or San Sebastian!

Once you get to the campsite

Follow the signs to the Stoke area, where you will find a cold beer waiting for you!

Where is campsite:

Camping de Haro Avenida de Miranda, 1, 26200 Haro,


What happens next?

Tuesday 28th June

▪ 12PM onwards: Arrive in Haro, the spanish wine capital

▪ 8PM: Barbecue dinner included + big street party that night

Wednesday 29th June

▪ 6AM: Hot breakfast
▪ 7AM: Walk up the hill and partake in enormous wine fight
▪ 1PM: Chill out for the arvo, get showered and de-purple yourself.
▪ 8PM: Massive campsite party

Thursday 30th June

▪ 9AM: Hot breakfast
10am onwards: Everyone leaves camp

Friday 1st July

▪ 9AM: Hot breakfast
▪ 10AM: Some lucky people get to Checkout today


The Traditional Outfit:

For the festival it is white pants, a special Stoke printed t-shirt, and red neck scarf. Everyone wears it. We will be selling Stoke Travel Traditional Outfits for 25€ at the campsite!

Who to contact in case you get lost or if you just want to have a chat.

Stoke Office: 0034 931 067 942

Emma: 0034 625 304 703

Any questions beforehand email


Be sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date info, insane photos and attempted humour! We’re going to be the best of friends soon - why not get to know each other beforehand by joining our Stoke san vino Group?

Make sure you invite all your friends too!

Get Snapchat famous at San Vino!

On Snapchat? At this year’s wine fight you’ll be able to snap into their Live Story covering all the action of San Vino. How to get involved and show the whole world what you got up to in Spain?

▪ Wine-proof your phone to capture the mid-battle action (waterproof cases, ziplock bags, condoms for that special filter)

▪ Load up with data so you can submit your snaps

▪ Follow StokeTravel on Snapchat

▪ Send us your Snapchat username so we can flag your account with the Snapchat Story Editor

▪ Grab your white (soon to be purple) Stoke Travel t-shirt from the Guru tent

Further Live Story instructions here

See you Snapchat fiends in battle!


What's included?

▪ Accommodation in two person tents (two people go in a two person tent, sounds obvious but you’d be surprised).
▪ For 20€ extra per night you can upgrade to a Solo tent.
▪ A mattress and a sleeping bag.
▪ Hot breakfast with coffee every single morning.
▪ A yummy, chef-prepared dinner.
▪ Guides to lead you from camp to the Festivities.
▪ Red wine for throwing at La Batalla del Vino 2015 wine fight
▪ One heck of a party in Haro and back at our campsite.

For only 10€ extra you get unlimited beer and sangria at our campsite bar

Pillow pile

What should you bring?

▪ Sunglasses and suncream! (it gets pretty darn hot and you want to look cool!)
▪ A pillow if you want to get all fancy on us (or you can just use your luggage).
▪ Something awesome to party in (because that’s how you get the smooches)
▪ A camera (you’re not remembering a thing so you better document it).


▪ Condoms (you know what they say, better safe than sorry)
▪ A torch so you can see the interior of your tent at night (as it gets pretty dark at our campground at night)
▪ Clothes you don't mind getting drenched in fermented grape juice (preferably white)
▪ Goggles
▪ A hedonistic spirit and a need for anarchy


Excited about your trip?! Be sure to use the hashtag #stoketravel in all your OMG I'm going to San Vino posts.


General Information

▪ Don't be silly... tents don't have electricity!
▪ There isn't an ATM at the campsite, so grab your cash beforehand or at the festival.
▪ Charge your phone at the Guru Tent (during opening hours only) or in the toilets.
▪ Unlimited booze is at the campsite only.
▪ We allocate tents on arrival, so just ask to share with your buddy when you check in.
▪ If you are a solo traveller you will be placed in a tent with someone of the same sex.
▪ Please don't padlock your tent if you haven't paid for a solo tent upgrade (we will just cut it off)
▪ There is a store, cafe, laundry and vending machines onsite.
▪ We can look after your passports for you at reception and there will be lockers to lock your valuables away.

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