by now the misery and frustration within the event industry has been discussed everywhere, mentioned too many times and unfortunately there's no real get out of jail -card available yet. However, event industry professionals are known to be those of the strongest kind, so we sincerely hope you have pulled thru with minor scars and managed to maintain a positive mindset even during the darkest winter days. The only way is up!

Unfortunately some of the bigger events have already been forced to cancel, second time in a row. We want to send you that extra dose of strength to start planning for 2022 - after all, two seasons of missed festivals mean the demand is greater than ever, and parties will be better than they've ever been!

We have handpicked some of our new products for this newsletter, Do not forget to dig into the rare reserve of 2021 below!


Nordic Wristbands

COLLECTOR'S EDITION: Rare reserve 2021

Unfortunately some festivals have already been forced to cancel for the second year in a row. Most estabilished festivals have a large group of individuals who feel dedication towards the event so maybe a set of memorabilia for this strange year might be in order. Even if - or maybe just because - the event itself did not take place!

Enter the Collector's Edition - rare reserve of 2021. How about putting together a collectable set of products, wristband, lanyard... maybe an eco bag made of bamboo, all branded with the visuals of the 2021 event that never was! We are quite certain something like this is welcomed by your fans. We are also quite certain this kind of a memorabilia set works as a marketing tool, adds to the event visibility and most importantly, keeps the event on radar while getting ready for the 2022 super edition!

Get in touch to discuss what we could bundle for your event! We can easily arrange boxing, packaging and direct-to-fan delivery as well!


Summer 2021

Maybe 2021 is not totally lost after all?!

Despite the cancellations and uncertainty there seems to be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Barcelona test event was a huge success, several European governments have introduced exit-plans and support schemes for the event industry, although still far from guaranteed, things are moving in the right direction.

As always, it is our privilege to be your partner when it comes to access control products!

Being sustainable and ecological is in our ethos and we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of different sustainable and recycled materials for access control products. We are especially fond of introducing hemp into our product range in 2019. If you feel the same way, you can find the full selection of green products here

Of course, for a traditional festival wristband, the mother of all wristbands, the woven fabric, is available in all colors and sizes, obviously with your own custom design.

Our full wristband range is here!

We have spent lots of time in lockdown to improve our logistics processes and are now proud to say that we can deliver customized wristbands to your door in 24 hours and most of the products within a week. Get in touch!

Kudotut rannekkeet

Cloth wristbands


Handpicked products from 2020 and 2021

Luomupuuvilla Maski

Organic cotton facemasks


There is a world of difference between regular and organic cotton. Anyone who has used organic cotton products will find it hard to return to regular cotton. The benefits of organic cotton don’t just stop at the quality of products. They are chemical free, environmental and hypo-allergic just to name a few. Especially now, when one has to wear a cloth to cover nose and mouth, an alternative of no chemicals being used is a welcome option!

Check out the organic cotton facemask here!

Coconut RFID

Coconut shell rfid


Our evergrowing range of ecoline products just got a proper boost - RFID tags made of coconut shells!

This truly organic material is very strong, literally impossible to be broken in normal use and can be provided with any RFID or NFC chip on the market.

By nature, the shells are little curved, so the tags repeat this natural curvature making the tag sit nicely on a wristband.

Ask for samples!

RPET Ekokassi



Using a sustainable rPET fabric is a great idea if it is manufactured correctly. With a rising concern for the amount of plastic in our oceans and landfills, cleanup companies have been founded to help reduce our carbon footprint and therefore plastic materials can be retrieved to be manufactured into the recycled material. The energy used to create rPET fabric is about 33-53% less than what it is to produce virgin polyester. Due of this fabric, plastic materials, especially water bottles are saved from our oceans and landfills.

RPET can be personalized using screen printing or depending on your design, a CMYK process using sublimation or heat-transfer printing

Please get in touch for more information!


Wooden products


Wooden cards, keyfobs, placeholders or hangtags will surely leave an impression - they are different, unique and simply put - beautiful pieces of art!

-available in standard sizes or fully customized to your requirements
-full color printed either offset or inkjet, engraved, lasered or a combination of these!
-variable data, consecutive numbering
-Wood types: sapele, maple, oak, beech, bamboo, basswood and cherry

-All of our wood comes from sustainable forests certified by Forest Stewardship Council

Get in touch to discuss what we can do for your brand!


Nordic Wristbands


The community face coverings mentioned in this newsletter are not medical devices within the meaning of Directive 93/42/CEE or Regulation EU/2017/745 nor are they personal protective equipment in the sense of regulation EU/2016/425. They do not prevent you from catching a virus. Cloth face coverings minimize the projection of your respiratory droplets saliva into the environment.

Get in touch to discuss any of the products, for a non-binding offer and free design suggestion. Our production is running as normal so there are no delays in delivery tor production times.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep in touch!

Nordic Wristbands

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