RACE #2 ST. CLOUD JAIL TRAIL BREAKOUT Race Weekend: Sat. Sept. 17- Sun. Sept. 18, 2016 In this issue: \* Race # 2 is this weekend! \* St Cloud Cy

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Race #2 is almost here ! Get ready for the Jail Trail Breakout in St. Cloud MN!


Race Weekend:
Sat. Sept. 17- Sun. Sept. 18, 2016
In this issue:
* Race # 2 is this weekend!
* St Cloud CycleCast
* Please volunteer- we need you!
* Austin Race Re-cap
* Cheer for ALL our student athletes
* Erik's announces it's Junior Apprentice program
* Support our sponsors!
* Be thankful!


Winter, spring, summer, fall, which is the best season of them all? Why the Minnesota High School Cycling League Race Season of course!

Who's ready for the St. Cloud Jail Trail Breakout?
Race #2 for 2016!
Download Race Flyer

New for this year is a new mapping tool for each of our races. Here's the St Cloud Trail Map and amenities in the community. The new mapping system, a product called atlas3D, was developed by concept3D, a leader in location based software and 3D services and with offices here in Minneapolis MN. Check them out at www.atlas3D.com!

Take a look at the team lineup for this year. MN League List of Teams

We look forward to seeing all the new faces and the familiar faces back for another season of fun...and mountain bike racing.

Be sure to follow the MN League on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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Kristin forecasts a beautiful weekend in St Cloud.


Here's the latest weather forecast from League meteorologist Kristen Clark of 2wheelweather. You can watch it right from the League website. Hint: another great weekend of racing is predicted!

TMB 7740

Volunteers Make the Races Happen! Thank you!


1. Join the Race Crew and volunteer your time at a race this year. Helping with scoring, crossing guards, parking, course marshals, and the popular "sweep" positions - all are important and we need 130-160 people to make these races work.
3. Suggestion: If your son or daughter is racing, volunteer to help when your child is not racing. Be a part of the excitement and still be able to watch your son or daughter race!

How to Sign Up:
1. Go to the Volunteer page on the minnesotamtb.org site.
2. Review the positions available.
3. Click on the Volunteer button on the right side of the page.
4. You will be taken to a different website where you can sign up to volunteer!

Thank you - we appreciate your support!

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You'll find a link to the photos from League photog Todd Bauer on the website.


You can find race results as well as links to photos of your favorite student athlete at the League website. Just visit the "Race Results" page from the dropdown menu and you'll find a complete list of results as well as a link to the photos from League photographer Todd Bauer.

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All racers love to be encouraged! Cheer for everyone!


It’s been fun to watch the Minnesota High School Mountain Bicycle league grow from a small extension of the local mountain bike community into a full-fledged middle and high school sport that we saw so wonderfully demonstrated this weekend in Austin. We have all heard many times how impressive it is that the league has kept true to the core NICA values during this 5-year journey, reflecting the positives that competition can bring out in all levels of athletes. Nice job coaches and parents! Please keep that ball rolling by reminding your students that we encourage only positive cheers for racers of all teams competing. It’s part of the mountain bicycling racing culture and a win for all.

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Eric's has their annual clearance sale going on through the end of the month.


With the success of NICA and the enthusiasm surrounding mountain bike racing at high schools across the Midwest, students have bikes on the brain.

As a sponsor of the Wisconsin and Minnesota NICA series ERIK’S remains committed to the success of student athletes. ERIK’S also sees an opportunity to help support students that would like to learn a trade and develop skills as a Bicycle Mechanic.

ERIK’S is excited to announce our new Junior Apprentice Program for teens & high school students. Through ERIK’S Junior Apprentice Program, students will gain the skills and expertise needed to become a bicycle mechanic.

Upon program completion, successful graduates may be eligible for additional training & part-time employment as a Service Technician at any ERIK’S locations.

Applications will be accepted starting October 1st 2016. Click here to get updates on ERIK'S Junior Apprentice Program and to be notified when the program is open.



Please take a minute to review our growing list of national and local sponsors (see images below). When considering a purchase, be sure to visit and thank our sponsors for their support. Please encourage them to continue to support our student athletes as they learn life lessons about being part of something as special as cycling. VIEW ALL MN LEAGUE AND NATIONAL NICA SPONSORS

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As always...

One Final Note....

As always, check the MN League web site: www.minnesotamtb.org for more information. Questions can be directed to MN League Director Josh Kleve at joshua@minnesotamtb.org.

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