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Leap of Faith

Market Street

This session is the final session in our Market Street location. I have been teaching in Seattle for 25 years and for fifteen here at 1716 NW Market Street. I and we together have built quite a unique environment. I have worked 7 days a week running classes, private lessons, workshops, hosting the best international teachers multiple times a year. I have also been heavily involved with Chinese Medicine clinics and colleges, written and taught Western scientific studies. I have been able to train other top notch teachers. I have been interviewed, written and published. All this while managing the studio, its teachers, renters and the overall small business elements. Unexpectedly during these past years I developed a global reputation for successful teaching and successfully transcending the challenges of running a center.

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Spring Session Schedule & Workshops

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Our Spring Session runs April 29 - July 21. (No classes July 5). Schedule & Registration are live.

May 12: Harmonious Living Through The Guidance Of Nature with Eric Hartmann, M.Ac., L.Ac.

June 2-3: Wuji Qigong with Solala Towler


The Time Between Elements: Transitions

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In 5 Element acupuncture, each Element corresponds with each Season. The qualities of the Season informs the energetics and functions of each Element. You may be saying to yourself, 5 Seasons? Yes! The 5 Seasons are: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall and Winter.

The Late Summer, the time of the harvest, is associated with the Earth element. The Earth element represents the solid ground beneath our feet or, in other words, stability.

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Eric Hartmann, M.Ac., L.Ac. is a licensed 5 Element acupuncturist who has practiced for almost 20 years on Capitol Hill. You can find information on Eric & his practice here.

And be sure to join us for May 12: Harmonious Living Through The Guidance Of Nature with Eric.


Cool Shirts on Sale

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You know you want these! I'll be putting another order in by the end of May for June delivery.

The Taiji man talks about "Happiness in Old Age." (I have the translation). Black shirts, round neck, v-neck & sweatshirts: $25 - $40. Poly-Spandex shirts, (will not shrink). Cotton sweathshirts. (will shrink about 1/4 size if dried)

The Moon School T-Shirts are a lovely design by my friend in the U.K: Tai Chi by Mount Rainer on the back, Lohan on the front. White, $25. Cotton. Will shrink 1 size.

All the usual sizes (see shrinkage notes). Pre-pay with your order. Not local? Can't make it to the studio? No problem. Contact me for payment methods & shipping costs.



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My intention was to travel to Colorado over the break to take care of my mother's estate. At the last minute I decided with everything going on: recovering from the workshops, moving the School, still grieving my mother's death, and preparing myself and the School for my 2 month break this summer, I needed rest more than I needed more emotional stress. I changed my direction completely and took a week for myself in California that included long beach walks, spas, great food and a lot of sleep. I spent this past week continuing lots of sleeping and time in nature. I will have to still deal with everything, but now at least I'm rested, my mind is more quite and I feel grounded.

One of the feelings I became aware of is that I am pointing myself in a new direction. One that is wholly unfamiliar. It is as though my magnetic core has been shifted. One of the images that moved me was of the many fisherfolk lining the beach at dawn and dusk, casting their lines and waiting. As I watched I realized they were really waiting for nothing at all. I woke up one morning from a dream and wrote this down. Read the Poem Here


What a March!

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Thank you all very much for going out of your way to make our back to back seminars this March so successful!!!

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