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September 2019


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Flock news from the large featherless being....

Whew. We made it.

September is here at last. While it is still hot here in south Texas, it is worth noting there is a big difference between "hot" and "flaming hot fiery pits of you-know-where."

As the official flock-wide MommyGuard, I don't even really need a calendar to know when August is finally in our rearview mirror. I know because a certain shelled someone whose name just happens to be Bruce finally stops snoozing his days away in summer estivation (a fancy word that means hot weather hibernation).

It's a darned good thing, too - I haven't seen him for most of August and I'm about to not see him all winter long, since 3-toed box turtles hibernate during the cold weather months. Sob. But that will be then, and this is now, and until then I get to see his cute little face every. single. day. :-)

Pearl spent most of his summer molting, but now that fall is headed our way we are finally starting to see the soft, downy, fetching and feathery results. As usual, it was worth the wait (and all the sweeping).

Of course, with nesting season over for another year, it is time to start planning for the fall migration. So we "practice migrate" from laptop to cagetop, towel basket to window ledge, couch cushion to mommy's lap. It's a rigorous schedule, but as you know, .007 doesn't do anything by half measures.

Speaking of fall and winter, now that Malti is officially a young lady tortoise and is soooo much bigger than she was at this time last year, I still haven't quite decided how we are going to handle her accommodation for the winter season.

As a South American tortoise species, she doesn't hibernate, although she does experience somewhat of a winter slowdown (which basically means her naps schedule starts to interfere with her snacks schedule).

So I will know more next month about whether we will try the indoor/outdoor life again this year or if it is time to try a full-time heated outdoor hide for her this year. Stay tuned....

As for me, I've been working away trying to learn how to Twitter (inexplicably, Pearl can't figure it out either) and to finally get our whole extended flock-wide communications network, well, connected.

For the record, this is clearly a job for someone else, but sadly there is no one else.

So if you ever miss seeing a post or a link is broken or something else you see on the flock website doesn't make any sense, well, now you know who to blame. ;-)


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon




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Scenes from Pearl's grueling "migration practice."


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