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Weekend Celebrations

Night of the Wings/Scream Night Fall 2017

• Must have party license
• Register party for BOTH events.
• Sober hosts per party policy.
• One Guardian per new member to take responsibility for new member. Guardians and New Members subject to subject to substance checks.
• Administration/Student Leadership walk throughs.
• Check-outs run by Panhell and/or IFC Leadership.
• New Members may not participate in the events unless they participate in the education.

Friday: Fraternity Only Night of the Wings

• 6 pm: New Member Education: New Members and one Responsible Active attend with IFC Leadership. New members sign-in with IFC leadership.
• 7 pm-11 pm: NOTW Traditions Take Place
o No Alcohol. No Substances.
o Alumni Welcome.
o Organization my establish one 30 minute Ceremony Time for ALL orgs where leadership will respectfully not walk through ceremonies. To be determined at IFC on Monday prior to NOTW.
• 11 pm: Night Closing
o Sober Hosts close party and do not leave house until house is empty. House closes. All Actives, New Members and Alumni leave house.

Saturday: All Greek Scream Night

• No alcohol at the houses for Scream Night. No Alumni.
• 6:30-7:30 pm: Sober Hosts check-in at Public Safety, then head to the Education session.
• 7 pm: Simultaneous Education
o New members meet at Chapel
o New Members Sign check-in sheet with 2 Responsible Actives. New Members stay in chapel with two Responsible Active members and IFC and Panhell Presidents and Vice Presidents for an All Greek Welcome!
o Actives (including guardians) go to first rotation with President. Presidents from both organizations review outline of the night and expectations of behavior.
o At houses, all members leave. No gatherings at houses after 9:40 pm. This is an all Greek activity. All Houses should be empty at 9:40 pm.

o Sober Hosts head inside Public Safety to check-out.
o Presidents and VP’s will ‘check-out’ all New Members outside Public Safety with IFC/Panhell Leadership and Administrator support if needed. All members and new members are subject to a PAS test.

NOTWSN Schedule
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