CPC Convention

Sept. 13th, 2023

Dear Friends & Partners,

This time last week, Canadians from sea to sea were zipping up their bags to head to Quebec City for the Conservative Party of Canada Convention.

Several of you were there! Way to go!

Conventions are where the grassroots voice can be heard on issues we all care about. When policies are passed at convention, it signals to the leader (in this case, the Hon. Pierre Poillievre) what the grassroots cares most about.

Here is a sampling of some of the policies that members passed:

SUPPORTING VETERANS: A policy to improve compensation for indigenous war veterans who lost their Indian status because they served in the forces.

SECURITY: Policies to increase focus on combatting foreign election interference.

SECURITY: A policy to strengthen Arctic sovereignty.

FAIRNESS: A policy to ensure federal employees are hired based on merit, not demographics.

BUSINESS: Increasing the threshold for small businesses to register to collect GST/HST.

ENERGY: A policy to encourage clean energy supply and innovation and a policy to support getting Canadian energy to markets.

SUPPORTING MOTHERS & FAMILIES: A policy to remove GST on essential maternity and newborn products.

PROTECTING CHILDREN: A policy to strengthen legislation against sex offenders.

GENDER SURGERY: A policy prohibiting life-altering surgical procedures to treat gender confusion in minors (aka sex changes for minors).

FEMALE SPACES: A policy to protect women's only spaces, such as women's bathrooms, as being exclusively reserved for biological women.

MANDATORY VACCINATION: A policy opposing mandated vaccines and requiring informed consent.

PALLIATIVE CARE: A policy supporting amending the Canadian Health Act to recognize palliative care as a right for all Canadians.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN DYING: A policy opposing the extension of euthanasia and assisted suicide to minors and those with mental suffering.

For more coverage on policies passed:

Globe and Mail - Conservatives leave national convention with package of policies, including vaccine and gender issues

CTV - Poilievre's convention: Analyzing the policies, promises

Thank you to each person who sacrificed time and finances to attend the convention and bring your voice to the table. It really made a difference.



The issue of parental rights continues to be front and centre in various provinces. Our leaders need to know that they are supported as they stand for parents' desire to be informed about what is happening with their children at school.

If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so now by clicking here.

Please also share the petition with your friends. As the numbers increase, we will pass this onto leaders in various parts of the nation.


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