Summer 2019


Kalamazoo County Early Childhood Opportunities

Meet Up and Eat Up

Please help connect families to free meals this summer!

Who is Eligible?
ALL children 0-18 yrs welcome!
Anyone enrolled in school for physical or mental disabilities welcome!
No paperwork or ID required.
Children from all towns or states welcome to eat at any site.
- FAMILIES welcome to join
- All kids eat free
- Adult meal is $2

Great Start Collaborative Around Our Community

Please keep your eyes peeled across Kalamazoo County for Talking is Teaching events at local grocery stores throughout the summer. We have already hosted two Talking Is Teaching parties and given away 160 books to families!

Spread the word about our hand fans too! If you know of a church or other agency or event that could use our hand fans, please let our staff know! We would love your help spreading the word about local early childhood efforts!

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Music Play to Promote Readiness, Literacy, Math Development and Inclusion

A Joyous Way to Learn with Jim Gill:
Workshop for Educators, Librarians and Caregivers
Wednesday, July 17 at 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

gspc summer 2019

Early Childhood in the News

Summer Screen Time

For some families, summertime means less structure time and kids might think it means MORE SCREEN TIME. This excellent article from Common Sense Media helps parents think proactively about setting up healthy screen limits that involves everyone.
Check out their other articles and resources on everything from allowing your baby to watch YouTube to the value of reading wordless books.

Promoting the Healthy Development of Executive Function Skills

This well-researched resource from Harvard's Center on the Developing Child gives concrete tips to enhance executive function skills in children of all ages.

Serve and Return

We are learning more and more all the time about the importance of "serve and return" interactions with adults and the very youngest children. This article talks about the danger of these interactions happening less frequently. If you need a pick-me-up after that, please watch this adorable interaction between dad and baby that is a perfect example of serve-and-return and appears to happen WHILE they are both watching TV.

Quarterly Flyer 2019-20


Please be patient with us through the summer months as we have a modified schedule. Call or email us before you come to visit!

Sarah Drumm, Program Coordinator, 269-250-9635

Marta Lehman, Parent Liaison, 269-250-9665

Deirdre Bartells, Program Assistant, 269-250-9664

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