Hello, friends. We cannot let this quite-unbelievable year end without writing you to say: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU . . . We love you! You h

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A New Year's song for you from us . . . Pat's, "Another New Year".

Hello, friends.

We cannot let this quite-unbelievable year end without writing you to say:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU . . . We love you!

You have been with us in extraordinary ways this year and, literally, we would not be here, still performing as activist musicians, without you.

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Three days after the heart attack . . . still all smiles.

-January 3rd will mark six months since Sandy's heart attack. We always felt our community had our backs, but the outpouring of love and good wishes for Sandy's health was truly life-changing. As Sandy says, "It was like living through my own funeral. I wouldn't recommend having a heart attack to find it out, but knowing how much I am loved by my friends, family and community is incredible. It's something that will comfort and sustain me for the rest of my life." And the deeply generous outpouring of financial support to Sandy's Recover Fund allowed her to recover without our having to worry about working for those first couple of months and for her to pay for medical needs. We are deeply grateful to all of you.

Folks who want to find out more about Sandy's heart attack can read our enewsletters from June and July. Also see the NBC News feature "Why Heart Attacks Are Striking Health Young Women" on the kind of heart attack Sandy had. (Big thanks to NYC cardiologist, Dr. Harmony Reynolds, for her knowledge and commitment to determining what actually happened to Sandy that June day and to CA integrative cardiologist, Dr. Mimi Guarneri, for a diet, supplement and stress-management meditation regime that is allowing Sandy to move forward more healthfully than ever!)

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-Our new CD, "Revolution Now". Because of Sandy's heart attack, we had not booked what would-have-been our normal Fall touring season. Once we knew she was feeling better enough to perform, we thought it would better serve Sandy's continuing recovery to use that time to stay in one place . . . and record our cd! Again, you stepped up to help support us in that project and we are now 28% funded for "Revolution Now"! Many of you have the cd in hand or in your computer/phone and we love hearing what you think of it!

Here's what Mary from CA wrote on FaceBook:

"I have just received my new ER CD and best gift I've given myself...Thanks, Ladies, for once again inspiring and lifting us...with both the hard jolt of painful Reality and the Hope of the Possible with Love and Courage. We're Still Here is one of my favorites on this new album. Bravo!"

And Donna from MA emailed to say:

"The new album just arrived an hour before a party, SO GORGEOUS and is making my weekend!! Vocals and band spectacular. Your voices so full and energetic. And the soulful soul-filled work you do shines in every song. . . Keep up the good work."

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"I can't speak to what, or who, he is listening to, but he is definitely rocking the shirt!" wrote dad--and photographer--Scott when he posted this photo to our FaceBook page.

If you needed a reason to take hope and and one more reason to have courage as we step into 2017, let this photo of a next gen peace activist be it. (Thanks to dad--and photographer--Scott for the beautiful photo and love to the whole wonderful activist family!)

We hope you've had a beautiful holiday season and we wish you--and us all--a courageous New Year as we gear up to continue the fight, the struggle, the dancing, the songs and the love for peace & justice!

Enjoy listening to "Another New Year" and, as always, we thank you for your support of us and for all you do in your communities, your homes and in this world.

Peace, love and health,
Pat Humphries & Sandy O
Emma's Revolution
email: enews.ermusic@gmail.com
web: www.emmasrevolution.com

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Upcoming Concerts

See our concert page for details on these & all of our shows.

Jan 1 2017 - Happy New Year! And get ready to keep on fighting for justice!

Fri Jan 20 Silver Spring MD: UnNaugural Concert: Playing it Forward – Voices for Social Justice. This inauguration is going to be historic for all the wrong reasons, so join us, Sweet Honey in Rock, Brother Sun, Josh White Jr and Tret Fure for a kick-off counter-inaugural benefit concert to raise the roof and raise your spirits!

Fri-Sun Feb 3-5 De Kalb IL: We’re excited to be part of Just Women: Just World, Winter WomanSpirit 2017!! We’ll be doing a concert Saturday night, leading a workshop and performing at the Sunday service.

Mon Feb 6 Storm Lake, IA: Returning for our third ACES series concert at Buena Vista University!

Valentine's Day Toffee 2017
Stay tuned for ordering dates for our Sweet Revolution Homemade Toffee & Spiced Pecans with Organic & Fair-Trade Ingredientsfor V-Day!

Thur-Sun Feb 16-19 Pacific Grove CA: We’re excited to be part of the Third International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women and People of Progressive Faith! We’ll be performing a Saturday night concert with our full band, plus leading a workshop and performing at the Opening Ceremony and Sunday Service.

Always adding more shows, so stay tuned!

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