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Our volunteers were hard at work this month

July was a really good month in terms of the amount of volunteers we had. Because there were so many people here to help us, we split our group of volunteers into two. Each group switched between one day of teaching and then one day of animal care or maintenance around the camp.


And let me tell you, we got a lot of stuff done!

From cleaning out and sanding our pool to repainting some of the enclosures to even building new houses for our animals, no task was too big for our volunteers.

We are so happy that we had so much help from our lovely volunteers who were more than happy to assist us in improving the camp. Because in this heat that's not always easy!

So thank you to every single one of our volunteers (even the ones that didn't come in July) for giving your everything, no matter the task at hand!


Lending a hand on Mandela Day

For those of you who don't exactly know what Mandela Day is, it takes place every year on July 18th which is Nelson Mandela's birthday. Mandela fought for justice for 67 years and that's why during Mandela Day, it is customary to do 67 minutes of community work.

Half of our volunteers spent Mandela Day in Turkey, a nearby village. The other half stayed at the camp for the daily lessons. Our objective of the day was to help the Molokwane crêche out by painting one of their buildings.

You can click the picture to see the little video we made which recaps our Mandela Day! Spoiler alert: some people might have been covered in paint instead of sweat by the end of it...


Good news for ex-volunteers!

returning volunteers get 20 off

Yes, you read it right. We are now giving returning volunteers a 20% discount on direct bookings!

Do you miss us as much as we miss you? Then drop Pretty a quick email at so we can reunite soon!


August's Little By Little Campaign

In just a week and a half it's time for another GlobalGiving campaign!

With the Little By Little campaign, GlobalGiving wants to focus on the power of the crowd. That's why "small" donations up to $50 will be matched by 60%.

We would love it if you could get your friends and family to donate to our cause, even if it's a small donation! Because every little bit counts. Thank you!


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