In this edition The summer passed Radio Gorgeous interview Matrix Birth Reimprinting Workshop details Blog: Ramblings from Provence Blog: My sor


In this edition

The summer passed
Radio Gorgeous interview
Matrix Birth Reimprinting
Workshop details

Blog: Ramblings from Provence
Blog: My sore heel; what may have caused that
Blog: Shower cleaning and cats!
A Top Tip

The summer passed

Hello everyone I do hope your summer has been wonderful, pleasurable and useful.
I've generally had a really lovely time. I attended workshops, socialised, golfed, had a little holiday in Edinburgh and the icing on the cake was Rachel's visit from Australia. She's been living in Oz for one year and may be there a while so her five weeks visit was just very special.
As I started preparing this newsletter I was in Provence chez ma belle mere. She has a glorious home part of which is a gite which she and Herb's father Peter built in the 1990's. Times have changed; Peter died almost a year ago and Beth now has to consider downsizing. 'Lovely' stressful questions such as
* should she sell or not?
* should she then rent or buy?
I'll leave it like that because as you know these situations are stressful, never straightforward and often sad or unpleasant.

Radio Gorgeous interview

I was interviewed recently by the very lovely and edgy Josephine Pembroke creator of Radio Gorgeous; I had great fun. We discussed my book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' in great detail and the recording will be aired in a few weeks.
A variety of podcast interviews given by sassy and very interesting women are available on the website. Really good stuff!

Matrix Birth Reimprinting (MBR)

You know when the time is just right for something to be learned or experienced? Well, I am now a practitioner of Matrix Birth Reimprinting.
In essence your gestation and birth experience can be truly fundamental to who you are, what you believe and how you achieve your dreams and ambitions.
MBR gives possibilities and self-empowerment to
1. rebalance and reimprint your attitude, relationship or allow a change of feelings towards your birth mother, regardless of when you consider the relationship to have become a source of distress or anxiety for you
2. transform your beliefs and feelings around giving birth or give your daughter the opportunity to feel more at ease with the prospect of giving birth
3. work on blocks to becoming pregnant
4. resolve ancestral and circumstantial birth trauma which you may have inherited; stuff you do not need to carry e.g. my grandmother and my mother all .........

An analogy: Imagine inheriting an old chair from someone which you simply wish to be rid of because
* you don't want it
* it's useless to you
* it embarasses you
* it won't support you
* it is an obstacle having it around taking space which can be better used by something else
An inherited belief, pattern of behaviour or shaky mindset is just the same: useful and advantageous to have, or a hindrance constantly getting in your way.

Read more on this fascinating subject on my webpage

Sharon King is a wonderful Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and her website Magical New Beginnings has videos and information which can only astound.

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Workshops and Talk

I will be running two workshops in the Autumn.
The workshop titles:
Self-Sabotage around Divorce Are you ready to move on? I offer techniques which will boost confidence, empower and help with issues around self-worth and self-belief. Life really is too short. The title link will give an idea....
Thursday 16h October. 09.15 - 12.30pm £35 + friend half-price

Matrix Birth Reimprinting:

Do you have mother issues, want to improve your relationship with your mother or just want to be happier about your feelings around your mother?
Do you aspire to have a birth of your choice; without fear?
Do you have difficulty or worries around conceiving?
Thursday 6th November. 09.15 - 12.30pm. £35 + friend half price

I am giving a Talk in Portsmouth: Hampshire Festival of the Mind. My topic is 'Practical Strategies to Manage Stress' and I will share EFT Tapping, Mind Calm exercises and HeartMath techniques; all superb in reducing feelings of stress.


Blog Post: Ramblings from Provence

I do enjoy France, wonder if I should live there?

Blog Post: My sore heel; what may have caused that?

Meta Health, when combined with EFT can transform your physical health.

Blog: Shower cleaning and cats

Epilogue: it was a success and have booked a sitter for our holiday to Australia and Asia in the New Year.

Top Tip

The first step on a new, difficult or challenging life journey is easy: you just place one foot in front of the other.
Never treat it like a battle or allow deep fear to rule; treat it like a friend.
Negative energy really does block potential; we can often just atract more of the same.


Wishing you a fruitful autumn with all ventures, hopes and dreams.

Susan x

My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.
My story plus informative and shared insights on how we deal with emotional trauma.

My Home Study Programme helps those moving on from divorce: Recharge your POWER.

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