QUIZ - PART ONE: Do you know what you think you know? Dear Friend, You have been following the Siegelman Case for a while now, and for some that mea


QUIZ - PART ONE: Do you know what you think you know?

Dear Friend,

You have been following the Siegelman Case for a while now, and for some that means for more than a decade. Do you know as much about the Siegelman Case as you think you do?

Test your knowledge.

See if you can answer these questions about the Don Siegelman case. The answers include links that will lead you deeper into the topic.

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Aug. 11, 2014 - Fulton County Sheriff'­s Office


Where is the Siegelman Judge today?

Well, he is no longer on the bench. Under threat of impeachment, Mark Fuller resigned effective Aug 1, 2015, for beating his wife in an Atlanta hotel. The assault was captured on audio when his wife phoned 911 for help. It can be heard here.



Was the Judge in the Siegelman case fair and open-minded?

No. When Mark Fuller assumed his position as Federal Judge, Governor Siegelman's office found that Fuller had misappropriated over $300,000 in Retirement funds in his previous post as District Attorney. Although the audit was routine and no charges were filed, Fuller was professionally embarrassed. He blamed Siegelman. The trial provided the perfect opportunity for payback.

Fuller had also provided significant support to Gov. Siegelman’s political opponents during the previous race for Governor of Alabama.

Despite these glaring conflicts of interest, Fuller refused to recuse himself from the trial. Read More


Photo of Judge Fuller by Phil Fleming


Did the judge also have private business interests that might cloud his judgement?

Yes. In fact, Judge Fuller was one of the wealthier men in the courtroom. For example, at the time of the trial, Mark Fuller was one of the primary stockholders in Doss Aviation. Doss Aviation's main customer was the U.S. Air Force and the FBI, both active in the prosecution of Siegelman. See Here



Which contract awarded to Doss Aviation was its largest ever? When was it awarded?

The day the prosecution rested in the Siegelman case, the government issued a single Air Force Training contract to Doss Aviation with a total value of over $178 Million. See Here



Who in D.C. might have influence over this matter?

Anyone in the Bush White House, including Karl Rove, because of the notorious reputation held by that administration for mixing military and business interests with politics.


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