Hello Beautiful Yogi People, I hope this finds you well. I'm writing to invite you to three opportunities to unfold into your fullest, sweetest possi

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Hello Beautiful Yogi People,

I hope this finds you well. I'm writing to invite you to three opportunities to unfold into your fullest, sweetest possiblitities. The Yachats Labor Day Retreat this weekend, the 100 hour Yoga Immersion coming right up this Fall, and the Triple M Retreat in Mexico this coming Spring.

There's no better way to celebrate the last days of summer while clarifying your intentions for fall than a weekend of focused practice with excellent people in gorgeous Yachats, Oregon.

Because I can't resist a good conversation, the retreats I lead tend to be like mini-immersions - rich little morsels of learning for your body and mind. This year's inquiry is into the history and nature of subtle body theories in the Yoga tradition. Yes, I said "theories", plural - and no, I won't be telling you what to think about them, but rather we will consider the value of the inquiry itself. I've built a little mindfulness meditation and Yoga Nidra work into the class plans along with the Alignment Hatha sequences so youll have some time to apply the concepts to your own practice. I think you'll be so glad you came.

There's plenty of room in the retreat, but the rooms at the Yachats Inn grow scarce this time of year, so make sure you book today. There are alternate lodging options for the retreat on the web page for the event, where you can also make payment via Paypal to let me know you're confirmed.

Here's a link to a few paragraphs I wrote while planning a few weeks ago (it's a facebook post so you'll have to be logged in to read - if you're not a user drop me a line and I'll email the text to you)

The Art of Living Skillfully, The Skill of Living Artfully is a 100 hour Yoga Immersion designed to help you make your practice deeply and irrevocably yours. A way you live, rather than a thing you do.

It can stand alone, or serve as part one of the People's 200 hour Teacher Training program. These immersions bring together dedicated practitioners from various levels to deepen their knowledge, improve their skills, and pursue their passion for the art of engaged living we call Yoga.

This is the real work. The kind that gets you the real reward. No doubt about it.

The immersion format might be my favorite kind of project as a teacher, in part because it supports my getting to know students in such a rounded way, and yoga students are amazing people. Recently I've been sharing short video as well as written testimonials from participants in past immersions on Facebook and Instagram, because I can't imagine any better way to show you why you should join us.

Students say things like:

"The training wove rich tapestries of meaning to my own practice as well as to my role as a teacher. My understanding of Hindu myth and literature, of anatomy and alignment-based practice, and of how to cultivate my own inner teacher were all deepened exponentially" continue reading


"Doing the immersion has been the best way to deepen my practice. I've done it twice now and will almost certainly do the immersion again..." continue reading

My own teacher, Dr. Douglas Brooks always tells us "You become the company you keep, so keep good company."

Come keep company with us. I've been developing curriculum for nine years now. It's powerful, it's effective. It works because of you.

Also known as, The best yoga trip EVER.

This is a Mexico retreat that's actually in Mexico, supporting Mexican businesses and the efforts of the local people to conserve their astonishingly beautiful ecology through eco tourism.

And whale watching on a boat with scientist-warrior-heroes.

And amazing food, and gorgeous company.

And lots of gooood yoga.

PLUS, there's an earlybird price for next years retreat, and I've extended the deadline for that by a month, because I didn't send you a newsletter in early August to remind you.

This one's a no brainer.

Read more and sign up here.


That's all for now, but I have such exciting plans and projects in the works for the coming year - stay tuned! Sign up for this newsletter if you havent already, friend me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram, come to class, and keep in touch! It makes my day to see your smiling faces and hear the news about your lives.

All the best -


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