Summer at Saper Galleries! We thought you would enjoy this update of news, features, and information from your friends at Saper Galleries! Every wee

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Summer at Saper Galleries!


Elisa, Roy, and Jennifer in front of the Hessam Abrishami collection

We thought you would enjoy this update of news, features, and information from your friends at Saper Galleries!

Every week about two dozen artists ask to have us display their artwork (about 1,000 a year) and we accept only about half of one percent of them. When you select artwork from the Saper Galleries collection you can be assured that we have acquired what we judge to be among the most desirable works of art by many of the best artists working today.

Visiting artists at their studios has allowed us to work with them to create the artwork that you enjoy. In many instances we have commissioned artists to paint, sculpt, design, and fabricate art for specific spaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, universities, offices and in outdoor public spaces. If you have a special wall, niche space or patio waiting for a unique work of art, know that we would enjoy collaborating with you and the right artist to create what you will enjoy for a lifetime.

As always, it is an honor and delight to count you among our friends and we look forward to continuing to be here for you always! Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to serve you! Enjoy your summer --- and visit us soon!

~ Roy, Jennifer, and Elisa

Artist Highlights!


Love Birds, giclee on canvas

Hessam Abrishami, Persian-born painter of expressions of love, attended the opening of his first exhibition at Saper Galleries in 2001. We have continued to display his colorful, expressive, and emotive artworks to which collectors often relate from their own experiences. Hessam is warm, personable, extremely talented, and an energetic painter of shared relationships. You may enjoy reading more about him and seeing the Hessams now available in our east gallery and here!


This banner was displayed on the front of Saper Galleries during The Michigan Collection exhibition.

Seeking Michigan artists to display in your home or office? Click here to connect to our page with links to 11 of our most popular Michigan artists. From abstract to representational you will see a collection of original oil paintings, watercolors, mobiles, and bronze sculptures by some of Michigan's greatest talents!


Orange Amaryllis, watercolor

David Herzig is a highly regarded painter of botanical imagery from Toledo, Ohio. His watercolors and pencil drawings are of lilies, amaryllis, cyclamen, iris, orchids, and tulips selected from his garden. Herzig brings his flowers to life by isolating them from their growing environment and focusing on the beauty that nature designed and the artist so magnificently re-created on paper. One of the artist's more compelling series is a set of five watercolors, each showing the progression from leafy bud to full blossoms as a pink amaryllis grows over time. The close-up views of Herzig's paintings allow the true beauty of the floral subjects to come into focus. Reviews of his artwork and images of what is on display today may be viewed here.


Tom Stoenner hand-blown glass luster vases

Tom Stoenner has been blowing glass for three decades in his scenic Hudson River studio. We discovered him just last year and were attracted to the luminescent and iridescent qualities of his hand-blown glass vessels. Starting at only $68 they have been popular as wedding and hostess gifts and as functional artworks for displaying fresh flowers at home. You may enjoy viewing the Stoenner vase collection now on display and shown here!

What is a Giclée?


The Phenomenon of Floating, giclée by Rob Gonsalves

You may have seen the word "giclée" on gallery tags or on our web site and quietly wondered what it means. Pronounced zhee-clay, the term (derived from a French verb meaning "to spray") was coined in 1991 to describe the process by which digital technology was used to create prints on canvas or paper.

A giclée generally refers to a reproduction of an original work of art created by scanning and digitizing the original in super-high resolution, and printing it using microscopic droplets of ink from a specialized multi-color printing device. When an original painting on canvas is compared to a color corrected, computer controlled and printed giclée, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between them.

Giclée prints may sell for under 10 percent of an original and look as nice. Some artists, such as Kathleen Chaney Fritz, will "enhance" a giclée by personally painting on top of the giclée to provide more texture, unique highlights, and additional colors so no two enhanced giclées would look exactly the same.

The last original (one-of-a-kind) painting we had by Rob Gonsalves was $40,000. His giclées range from under $100 to $1,700 (depending on size and whether on canvas or paper).

Next time you visit, we would enjoy showing you originals next to giclées so you can compare them for yourself!

Exactly What Is a Print?


El Repos, original lithograph by Sunol Alvar

An original print is made by an artist who prepares a surface with a design or drawing and then inks the surface and transfers it to a paper. (That is a one sentence answer to what could be a one semester class!)

For a more detailed description of various print-making methods (such as etchings, engravings, lithographs, and linocuts) you may enjoy reading this article which we wrote for our 2006 Picasso exhibition.

You may also enjoy this article describing original Picasso prints.

As you have questions about prints that may not be answered in these two web pages, we would welcome your asking us!

See the Light!


Wireless battery-operated picture light remote controlled!

Could the artwork displayed on your walls benefit by direct illumination? We now carry the new Method Light which may be perfect for you!

The six-LED fixture easily mounts on the ceiling and is controlled by a small remote control. No wiring or electrician is needed as it is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The remote controls the color and brightness of the light and can be set to turn off automatically after a time delay.

Would you like to borrow one to try at home? This is the best wireless, battery-operated picture light we've ever tested and we are pleased to recommend it to you. You can read all about it here!

Framing Gift Ideas


Wedding invitation framed with a border made from fabric used in the ceremony.

If you know a recent graduate, you could consider presenting a gift certificate for having the diploma framed! For a unique wedding gift we can frame the invitation. We also frequently frame military memorabilia as gifts to veterans, old currency and other family collections, sports jerseys, needlepoint, valued papers, historical letters, election documents, newspapers, magazines, precious family photos and other heirlooms. For a special gift, frame a memory and preserve it forever! We would enjoy the opportunity of framing a special item for you to present as a gift to remember! More about Saper Galleries framing is here.

The Saper Galleries Reach


At every moment of every day there are visitors browsing the Saper Galleries web site from locations around the globe. The map above shows the 159 countries from which visitors have stopped by Saper Galleries online.

Less than half of our guests are from the United States and about weekly we ship artwork to clients outside of the USA. Other countries visiting Saper Galleries online most often are Germany, Canada, UK, France, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, India, Japan, China, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Colombia, Israel, Iran, Denmark, Chile, and New Zealand.

Outside of English, the most frequent languages used by visitors to the Saper Galleries web site are Russian, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Swedish, Chinese, and Danish. When you contact us via email or through the Live Chat link from our website, we will communicate with you in your language. Based in downtown East Lansing, Michigan, the Saper Galleries reach is truly global.


Comments or questions? We would enjoy hearing from you! Visit Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm (eastern time) or the First Sunday monthly from 1 to 4pm, call (517-351-0815), write or Live Chat now!


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