July 2016 Newsletter I've spent the entire year waiting for summer (and summer fruits) – and both have finally arrived! Paris has had a tough year, a

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July 2016 Newsletter

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I've spent the entire year waiting for summer (and summer fruits) – and both have finally arrived! Paris has had a tough year, and it's nice to clear my mind by seeing the sun peering through in the morning and trundling to the outdoor market with my basket (although I recently switched to an L.L. Bean bag), to fill 'er up with strawberries, apricots, asparagus, teensy fraises de bois, peaches and even plums.

We get lovely Reine Claude and mirabelle plums (to make luscious mirabelle jam) in Paris, but the big purple beauties are more elusive. So I was thrilled to come across a stand with a big box of them and brought 3 kilos, or nearly 7 pounds. Yes, my arm felt like it was going to fall off when I got home. But they were worth it.

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Some of my plums were turned into jam and was rewarded with several jars of ruby-colored confiture. Which, if anyone out there has French spouse or partner, know that they can plow through in 3 to 4 days, pas de problème.

I've finally gotten into the video groove with some online videos I shared on my Facebook page and Shapchat. I did a video of what I bought one morning at the market, and another one, making Passion Fruit Caramels with British baker Edd Kimber, which were both a lot of fun.

Technically, I don't think Steven Spielberg or George Lucas have anything to worry about, but I hope once I get the hang of how they work, I'll make them a bit sleeker without losing the casual feel since I prefer to keep them "home made," rather than overly professional. A French chef/friend and I are plotting to do a visit to an outdoor market in Paris in a week or two, unless he heads off on his annual summer vacation. Then I'm on my own!

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July should be nice is Paris as everyone (including chefs) makes their mass exodus out of town. When I first moved to Paris, there were some July 4th celebrations amongst fellow Americans, but those seem to have gone on the wane as no one French is all that interested in celebrating America's independence. Like Thanksgiving, which people often ask me about - "What do the French do for Thanksgiving?" Answer: It's a non-holiday in France.

Yet Americans like to celebrate Bastille Day, which is simply called "The 14th of July" in French. There is military parade in Paris, to highlight the grandeur of the Républic, and it's a national holiday with fireworks in the evening. But there isn't a specific food or ritual associated with that day. Unless someone has been keeping a big secret from me all these years.

Another question I get annually from visitors is, "What's going to be open in Paris in July and August?" And I tell them, "I don't know." Bakeries are required to post a sign letting neighborhood residents know when they'll be taking their annual month-long (more or less) break, and even the outdoor markets become sparse as vendors take off as well. My friends at Paris by Mouth usually publish a list of places that are open. So if your travel plans are taking you to Paris this summer, check them out.

Speaking of taking a break, you know you live in Paris when your housecleaner announces that she's taking her annual eleven week vacation. Me? I'm just trying to figure out how I can get away for perhaps a long weekend…

So I'll vicariously live through her, while she rests on a beach in Tunisia, eating fresh dates and other fruits, and watching the lolling waves...while I try to figure out who's open, so I can get my daily baguette.



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Some recent recipes and posts on my blog...

-As the temperatures rise, I found myself churning up Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and pairing it with fresh summer fruits.

-These Scallion Flatbreads can be made in a skillet, or outside on the grill, for your bbq.

-No ice cream machine? No problem! This no-churn Frozen Zabaglione just requires a whisk, and a little gras d'elbow, to make this creamy-smooth frozen treat that scoops up just like ice cream.

-Can you tell I like ice cream? Updated a post on White Chocolate-Fresh Ginger Ice Cream with nectarine compote, because I couldn't resist...

-I had to sneak one last batch of jam in before the end of strawberry season in Paris, so paired the last basket I found of them with another favorite fruit to make a batch of Plum Strawberry Jam, that combines the tartness of plums with ripe, juicy strawberries.


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