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Running With Endurance

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It has been almost a year and a half since our U.S. staff has had feet on the ground in Ethiopia - unheard of! We are truly thankful for the tenacious, capable Ethiopian staff that has persevered through Covid, ethnic upheaval, inflation that has doubled and tripled the cost of living, and civil war. Read more about what life is like in Ethiopia right now and how our ministry is pressing forward here...


Learning Made Fun

Eight teachers were given a wonderful opportunity to focus on methodology and strategic approaches for teaching young children reading and writing skills prior to entry to first grade. Traditionally, school in Ethiopia is rote learning with children facing a blackboard reciting and copying. This new method of hands-on experiential teaching may seem typical for us here in the U.S., but it is revolutionary for Ethiopian early childhood educators.


A New Kind of Missionary

Daniel* is a well-educated young man with a passionate heart to bring M*slims into God’s Kingdom, deliberately maintaining a low profile for personal safety reasons. He manages a website offering apologetics (many that he has written) and other invaluable resources that have been translated into four languages. This online presence reaches people far and wide and is welcomed into homes where a missionary would not have access. Continue reading about evangelism via the internet here...

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