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Let's talk law for a bit here: The US Congress passed legislation lauded by my own Prime Minister, to curb terrorism by cutting off funding that pays terrorists. Sounds simple. Yet that process took alot of talent and raw determination on your part to get that done (Thanks, Congressman Doug Lamborn and others)​. And here in Israel, we witness an ongoing saga of who-vs-whom in a frustrating stalemate that has stopped any similar law from being legislated in our Knesset. A private bill was submitted by members of the opposition, it turns out, in an attempt to garner support from all corners of the parliament. The Netanyahu government, while publicly recognizing the importance of the US bill, tried to block the Israeli version(!), perhaps wanting selfishly to take credit, and eventually submitted its own version of the bill.

Our story is like yours with Taylor Force - the watered-down version is not even attractive, as it provides for the government to ignore the bill and not cut funds, basically whenever it wants. Read the bill, it's right there in black and white. What's the point of a law that has no teeth, as they say in hebrew. Better to work hard and pass the real thing, rather than create an ineffective law that seems to do the job - that would be irresponsible. Right now, the terrorist who murdered the beautiful Fogel family - Ehud, Ruthie and their young children - stands to make more than $2 million for his efforts, paid directly by the Palestinian Authority, with no attempts to hide that fact.

Meanwhile, while we hash out how to withhold funds from a group of people who use that money to encourage and support terrorists, more innocent Jews lose their lives and more children become orphans. Last week three young men were murdered by Arab Palestinians, all of whom learned in a PA school system that taught hate, and were encouraged by a PA leadership who promised rewards. Enough is enough. Thank you, our friends in DC, who recognize the value of life and work towards more responsible, controlled support for those who do us harm. Do we want the PA to succeed? Yes, to the extent that it foments peace, not war, in this part of the world. Sure, if the end game is to provide a responsible economic culture for its residents, to provide jobs and democracy to its people. Not at all cost, and certainly not at the expense of Jewish lives. Or any lives, for that matter.


Our Jewish homes are a whirlwind of activity this week, as we approach the Passover holiday. Our cupboards and thoughts are being cleaned out, as spring cleaning doesn't come close to describing our days. We work to clear our physical and spiritual areas of debris, of unwanted, unnecessary baggage in the biblical form of unleavened bread. Messages of freedom resound, but first comes the hard work - and it is worth it. We hope to emerge at the end of this week, on the eve of Passover this Friday night, invigorated and fresh, unburdened by slavery or unwanted baggage. I wish us all - those who are commanded to clean and those who cheer us on - a productive week of inspired introspection while clearing out the attics of our mind and body.

This perspective on life gives us the moral clarity to know what's right, to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, listening to the words we were commanded so long ago, and know with certainty that ours is a culture that cherishes life and liberty above all. May our neighbors and naysayers come to know the same.

With best regards from a very busy land,

Ruthie & the whole team at Jaffe Strategies


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