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Kim Abeles • Exhibitions & Events

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Pachinko-It's a Beautiful Day! (Image of St. Bernadette series, 1987); Self-portrait-Pope Joan (2016); Carmen Miranda Shoe (1997)

Here's to a new year, where art needs to make its mark.

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Exhibitions of Biographical Works

Legends for a Reanimated Woman
LA Art Show
A solo exhibition of biographical sculptures, including new artworks about Jeanne d'Arc (aka Joan of Arc).
The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is presenting this exhibit of Kim Abeles' work at the LA Art Show,
Los Angeles Convention Center
January 12 - 15, 2017

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FAR Bazaar at Cerritos College
A group exhibition curated by Rough Play
Artists include Kim Abeles, Jonathan Apgar, Adam Berg, Patricia Burns, Ashley Hagen, Ben Jackel, Bessie Kunath, Erin Morrison, Tom Muller, Thinh Nguyen, Emily Sudd, Elizabeth Tinglof, Kim Truing
January 28 and 29, 2017

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Chapters: Book Arts in Southern California
Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles
Chapters explores the significance of Southern California artists in establishing the field of book arts between the 1960s and present day.
January 29 - May 7, 2017

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Evita As Official Portrait; As Madonna; As Fay; and Cinderella as Evita (installation view at Art Resources Transfer, New York, 1997)

Abeles Dinner for Two smog2

Dinner for Two in One Month of Smog (2011) Smog (particulate matter) on porcelain dinnerware and linen tablecloth; chiffon chairs

Exhibitions of Environmental Works

Weathering Climate: Art, Science, and Sustainability
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Art-Science Gallery, Boulder, Colorado
Curated by Marda Kirn of EcoArts Connections and
Lisa Gardiner of the UCAR Center for Science Education
September 23, 2016 to January 15, 2017
You can link to more information about the show here.

An Exhibition Project of the SCWCA
Eco-Art Collective
Curated by Timothy L. Campbell
Golden West College Community Art Gallery
Huntington Beach, CA
January 9 - February 15, 2017

Weather or not, that is the question
Children's Museum of the Arts, New York
Curated by Jil Weinstock, Director of Fine Arts
January 15 - May 21, 2017


Recent Exhibitions and Events

abeles zoe highchair

Zoe's Highchair (Forty Days of Smog) 1991, Altered, painted chair with food and setting made of smog (particulate matter)

Panel for the American Geophysical Union Convention

American Geophysical Union Climate Literacy: The Climate is Changing - Are We?: The Arts as an Ally in Invoking Change

Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco

Chair: Marda Kirn, EcoArts Connections, Boulder, CO
Panelists: Kim Abeles, Chantal Bilodeau, Diane Burko, Molly Jane Sturges, Paul David Williams, Julia Dooley, Jody Sperling, Catherine A. Riihimaki, and Gina Stovall

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This image links to a 2-minute video with a time-lapse of the process

Woven Selves at the Seaver Gallery, Marlborough School

Phase One: Oct 21-Nov 12, 2016
Phase Two: Nov 14-27, 2016

An evolving exhibition by Artist-in-Residence Kim Abeles with eighty art students at Marlborough School.

This exhibition was presented in two phases. Phase One included selections from several series of my self-portraits and environmental themes. In mid-November, the students’ work took the place of my autobiographical artworks.

In a symbolic gesture, each student replaced me.

Women Water Marlborough 04177 mimi

Even a large video wall, Women and Water (1 minute=6 hours), has been erased by a paper weaving placed on top and covering it. The Woven Selves are produced as wide printed strips, interwoven on the wall structure, and portraying all the art that the students created in tandem with my artist-in-residency. Their individual works transformed a history of my own self expressions. I become you, and each of us becomes we.

Woven Selves Marlborough 04177mimi
woven selves process singles mimi

The overarching schema involves a look at distinctions between the self and outside of oneself. We are living in the age of selfies, when a visit to a landmark is viewed as less important than placing oneself in a photographic memory. Yet, we understand its meaning when we look to the cave paintings of Lascaux, where a handprint on the rocky surface marks the relevance our existence.

I wanted to experiment with the development of a project alongside the Marlborough School art students, rather than coming with a prescribed or predisposed product in mind. The thought has been to bring the students through a problem-solving process, where the outcome slowly pulls together, where successes are thrilling because failure is insightful, and the unknown is reliant on artistic faith in order to be filled with its potential.

I want to extend an enormous thanks to the cool staff at Marlborough School, the generous teachers, and their classes who created this experimental journey: Chelsea Dean, Josh Deu, Kathy Rea, Judith Tanzman, and Gina Woodruff.

Abeles selfportrait2

Self-portrait (2016) Ultrachrome print

Passerelles Entre Continents et Souvenirs • Bridges Between Continents and Memories

A group exhibition with Patrick Dunand, Renee Amitai, Rachel X Hobreigh, Kim Abeles, Cris Orfescu, Jean Pierre Mosca, Debra Dobkin, François de Verdière

Organized by Les Seize Anges, with Le Soutien de la Maison des Artistes

Mairie du 8ème, Lisbonne, Paris
November 7-18, 2016
Mu Gallery, Paris
November 21-December 17, 2016


Calling Inland Empire

I am looking for photographs of Southern California’s Inland Empire for a collective, crowd-sourced artwork to be exhibited next summer.

The images I am seeking are of places in the Inland Empire that have a special meaning for you.

If you participate, you will be credited, and in exchange you will receive a print of the resulting collective artwork as a thank you.

Can you send me a photograph taken at this place?

The deadline is close now - New Years Eve - but I am making the last call for this interested. If you would like to send a photo of your favorite, memorable place in the Inland Empire, here is how to participate:

• I need to know how you want your name to be listed for credit (name or nickname).

• What is the name of the location and the address, closest cross streets, or the coordinates (latitude and longitude)?

• Please also include a short statement as to what makes this place meaningful in your life.

• And write to me at email at so I can send you a dropbox link for the photo.

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