Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue 4 May/June 2015 Dear Reader, Welcome to our fourth issue of Good Chi News. As usual a lot is happening! I'v

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Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue 4 May/June 2015

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fourth issue of Good Chi News. As usual a lot is happening! I've delivered over 40 Chair Chi workshops for low care, high care and dementia unit residents in various aged care centres.

Our Chair Chi Plus pilot study for Craigcare Residential Aged Care centre is now completed, and we'll be working on the report and finalising it in consultation with Craigcare. Our Chair Chi Training workshops also took place for aged care staff here in Melbourne.

Because of the lack of time available, this is a combined May/June issue. I was hoping to get some serious couch time in May but it was not to be. :)

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi

Physician Heal Thy Self

Fun Medical MGD2

As I go around various aged care centres and deliver my Chair Chi sessions, I will occasionally have a resident who will murmur or repeat words loudly throughout the session.

At first this was distracting for me as it made my job harder to concentrate and teach Chair Chi skills to the residents. I've come to realise I need to focus on my inner dialogue, just like I teach the residents when there are distractions.

In other words, 'physician heal thyself'.

I'm getting better at these 'interruptions' and developing strategies to help other residents who get distracted or get angry when they occur. I know I'm learning a skill that many of those whose work is in aged care have already mastered. :)

It's not easy but that's the reality of working with aged care residents.

TEDed: The Hidden Meanings of Yin and Yang


I posted this up on my Chris Chi blog and thought I'd share it here in Good Chi News. It's a very entertaining and informative short cartoon clip on Yin Yang by John Bellaimey.

A very good introduction to the over 3000 year old Chinese Yin Yang philosophy.

96 Year Old Yoga Teacher

96 yeal old Yoga Teacher

Even though my background is Tai Chi I couldn't resist this inspirational Yoga teacher's story.

If I tried this, I'd end up like a pretzel :)

Here's the link - 96 Year Old Yoga Teacher

Craigcare: Chair Chi Plus Pilot Study

Well, it's over. I've just completed the Craig Care Chair Chi Plus pilot study which ran for 6 weeks, 3 sessions per week.

I worked with high care residents aged from 81-96 years old and was assisted by staff at the facility.

The aims of the study were to determine if:
1. Leg strength increased
2. Balance was improved
3. A cardiovascular workout was achieved
4. It enhanced emotional/psychological wellbeing

We're now working on analysing and writing up the results. If you are interested in the final report of the study please email me and I will send you a copy when it is available - we anticiate it will be finalised in August. There's no charge for the report.

Not a Load of Bull

Bull Signjpg

I thought I'd share this sign, which I found through Facebook from Backwoods Home Magazine. Just for fun and to brighten your day.

I reckon I could do it in 9 seconds if a bull was chasing me ... and that's no load of bull :)

Upcoming Aged Care Chair Chi Training Workshops


Ideal for lifestyle staff, physiotherapists, carers, diversional therapists, volunteers and health trainers, this comprehensive training program teaches how to deliver Chair Chi sessions for low and high care residents in a safe and practical way.

Level One is on the first day and, for your convenience, Level Two is offered on the next day if you are interested.

Onsite training also available, please contact me for details.

Brisbane August 17,18
Sydney: September 21,22
Adelaide: November 9,10

Feedback from a Recent Workshop
'Our residents are enjoying their new Chair Chi sessions and are very enthusiastic - they look forward to exercises on a Thursday and are seen performing some of the skills when walking up the corridor'!
Jennie Guthrie

Further details and program schedule.

Book now for the early bird special price!