Dear , here's our latest news... it's an exciting time with £600K of new CNC machinery and increased workloads... please read on! Major re-investment

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Dear , here's our latest news... it's an exciting time with £600K of new CNC machinery and increased workloads... please read on!


Major re-investment

We have re-invested in additional complex machinery due to customer demand, particularly from increased work in the aerospace industry and high-value engineering.

Five new milling machines and two new turning centres – costing £600,000 – are now in full swing at our Christchurch facility... read more


Turnover boost

Groveley enjoyed an 18% increase in turnover at financial year end.

That’s good going, and particularly satisfying as we lost around 30% of our business overnight when sister company Groveley Detection was sold to Emerson in July 2013. We retained all our staff and worked hard to rebuild work levels... read more

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Frontline defence

We are exploring the use of custom-made ear defenders for staff members working on certain machinery. These are strange-looking, special defenders that exactly fit the person’s ear to maximise protection from machinery noise – while allowing them to clearly hear conversation… and they are more comfortable... read more


Helping to develop SC21

Groveley MD Peter Bennet has joined the national SC21 Performance, Development and Quality special interest group.

The group acts as the focal point for all performance and development work under the 21st Century Supply Chains (SC21) programme. It ensures that the performance and development guidelines for implementing supply chain performance improvement are successfully implemented across the supply chain... read more

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Project management pilot scheme

We have been awarded funding for an innovative Project Management pilot scheme – a Government project supported by Airbus via WEAF. The scheme has commenced and will run until late March 2016.

The Employer Skills Programmes scheme highlights development opportunities and provides accredited PM qualification. Intervention is intended to be bespoke and tailored to each target company’s PM needs/gaps to improve areas such as procurement cycles and regulation. Read more


Groveley designs and manufactures precision engineered components for safety-critical equipment. It specialises in turning, milling, grinding and finishing materials such as:
• stainless steels
• titanium
• ferrous, non-ferrous metals and plastics
• friction materials.

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