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It seems like regional events are dominating the news cycle this week: Our PM Netanyahu flew secretly to Amman to meet Monday night with Jordan's King Abdullah.

Israel wants to signal to Jordan that we are concerned for their stability. We have consistently boosted their government and acted to protect the integrity of the Hashemite rule, in the name of peace and stability along our very extensive eastern border with Jordan. Now it seems that we want to reiterate this commitment, before the Americans return to this region with another proposal that is intended to promote peace talks here. This can be good, and refreshing, in two ways: One, that the process of moving towards peace is a regional effort, and not one with myopic vision of the Jews and Arabs living in the small sliver we call the land of Israel. The entire region has a say in potential stability and peace, and we hope that this US Administration not only recognizes this fact, but incorporates that into any strategy it lays out.

Second, we intend to retain direct ties with our neighbors. While it can be helpful to get an outside perspective, this is our backyard. It is our collective neck on the line, it is our security concern that leads us in our own policy formation. We appreciate ideas but will not be told what to do. We develop our own Middle-Eastern-style relationships with our neighboring countries, and we work to remain both realistic and optimistic when it comes to potential for advancing peace in the region. We do so at our own behest, not for any other interests. Our children's lives are on the line, on our borders and in our military, and we need no better imperative to achieve realistic goals.


A former Israeli Minister & Member of the Knesset has been arrested on charges of spying for Iran. It seems his documented drug habit allegedly needed capital, and he was willing to sell his sisters and brothers, here in Israel, for some quick cash. This is despicable, but it's also a reminder that while we retain a lively democracy, we must protect our security at the cost of personal freedoms. We've got to protect this great - and only - democracy in the Middle East, while surrounded by many who'd rather see us cease to exist. How's that for a friendly neighborhood? So if you learn of Israeli methods of profiling passengers at the airport, or high standards of investigation when something seems amiss in order to snuff out terrorist activity - know that we do what we have to do, to stay safe and as free as we can be, for the lives of all our citizens.


You may have heard Israel won the Eurovision song contest with chicken noises and a very poised, wonderful Israeli singer. Now the inevitable controversy is whether to allow next year's competition to be hosted in Jerusalem, as is the custom. Some Israeli leaders say it's our capital or bust. Some naysayers outside of Israel are calling to boycott us and not allow it here at all. Politics rears its ugly head yet again. Let's hope Gal Gadot does host this auspicious occasion - I've already started arranging our tickets!


Summer's just around the corner, so congratulations to all who have loved ones graduating from college or high school, reaching that big milestone and stepping out into the world. We hope you all shine bright!

Some of you have or will be battling in primaries that have proven to be difficult. We hope all our congressional friends come through with huge success - Know that we are behind you and are providing support for your November bids. Israel & the US need you to continue your vocal support for all that we share together! If you know any Americans who want to get involved with online, outspoken campaigning on behalf of candidates who've been outstanding on Israel, please send them our way by replying to this email asap.

Best regards from the land of sunshine, before it gets quite too hot ;)

& Sarah and the whole team


Netanyahu has rare meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah

The trip to Amman was only announced by the Prime Minister’s Office after it had been completed on Monday evening. It comes ahead of a visit by senior Trump administration officials to the region.

Reframing the Middle East Narrative: My Ten-Point Guide

Defending Israel against the calumnies being thrown at it is to concede defeat from the start by engaging upon ground defined by its enemies. Instead, Israel’s defenders need to go onto the front foot. They need to do to its enemies what is done to Israel: to paint them as extreme, unconscionable and a mortal threat to life and liberty.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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