Upcoming Greek Dates Spring 2015 Dates Presents Review: March 4 9 pm in Casa Loma Presents: March 7 6 pm Orton Filling Org Houses: March 31st Goi

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Upcoming Greek Dates

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Spring 2015 Dates

Presents Review: March 4 9 pm in Casa Loma
Presents: March 7 6 pm Orton

Filling Org Houses: March 31st

Going Active: March 13th for the fraternities and March 14 for the sororities by midnight

March 16: Panhell/IFC Nominations
March 23rd Elections
March 30th Transition meeting?
President’s Fall Meeting: March 7th
April 1: Spring Calendar Meeting

COAB and Greek Awards Banquet: April 6, 5 and 8 pm in Orton

Greek Community Service

Great Things


Rose Garden Clean-up

February 15th at 1 pm. See you there! Get All Greek Hours!

Relay for Life Save the date for March 20-21st

Community Service at the California Speedway!

March 20, 21 and 22nd ALL GREEK HOURS to work grandstands by taking tickets. Contact Kate at kdesantis@eadiepaynellp.com Friday- 10AM- approx. 6PM Saturday- 7AM- approx. 4PM Sunday- 6AM- approx. 4PM

be a leader

Collect a Million: Ronald McDonald House

Keep those Pulltabs for our upcoming Collect a Million donation.


Save those cans and bottles for a competition amongst the Greeks! Greek Recyclemania week is March 22-28! Opportunities to win Prizes.

Collect a Million

New Member Updates

New Member Break: NO ACTIVITIES February 21-28th

Study Hours: Each week, the New Members are responsible to complete 6 supervised and 14 unsupervised hours. Hours are due by midnight on Sunday.

This is the link that each New Member should use to log their hours each week: Study Hours Submission Sheet

New Member Ed
March 2nd: Sexual Assault: Sororities in Bulldog, Fraternities in Gregory 272 (CHANGE IN LOCATION)
March 4th: Presents Review 9 pm in Casa Loma
March 7: PRESENTS 6 pm in ORTON
March 9th: Active Shooter Gregory 161

Realize your potential Go Greek

Do you know someone who isn't getting the Greek Sheet? Have them e-mail Christy ASAP to get on the mailer!

New Program: Greek Academics

Is your organization the 'best' when it comes to co-curricular educational support? Would you like to be recognized for your attendance at convocations, lectures and other educational events? We are introducing a new Greek Organizational Award for Academics. We want to support attendance at educational events on campus. If you attend an event just complete the following to count towards the Greek Academic Award:

Take a picture at the event and upload it to instagram with:

'#your organization'
*Add a comment regarding the event.

So...If a Pi Chi was going to the James Fallows Lecture you could post a picture and say

" #greekacademics #pichi I can't believe that a kid that grew up in Redlands was the chief speechwriter for the Carter Administration. "

Last day to Order Greek Shirts!

If you want a shirt, please turn in your money BEFORE SPRING BREAK!!!


Click on the Image to order your shirts!

News From Non-Greeks :)


Updates and Opportunities

Capital Semester in Washington, DC

International Affairs & Public Policy
Fall: August 26 – December 11, 2015
Spring: January 13 – April 30, 2016

Guaranteed Internships - Courses for Credit - Housing in DC
Fall Semester Early Deadline: March 1, 2015
*Scholarship Funding Available

Instagram Account

Fundraising Opportunity

Individuall unique

Get Paid to see a TV Taping!

Current shows are paying $12 to $20 per person based on the budget of the show and the size of your group.

We have a great fundraising opportunity for your club/organization where you will earn a fundraising donation by attending a TV show taping. You organize 10 or more people and attend a sitcom. When you get home, you complete the pay form and mail it in...you will receive a check by mail. As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Tapings include Cristella, Undateable, 2 Broke Girls, Young and Hungry, AFV, Last Man Standing, Mom, Who's Line is it Anyways?, Instant Mom, Girl meets World, etc.

Contact Christy for further details!


Interested in being the ASUR Greek Life Rep on Cabinet? Talk to Chris Sarricchio or Gigi Poidmore soon!

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