Are you studying American history this year or next? If so, you will definitely want to get in on our Presidents Day Sale that is going on now through

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Are you studying American history this year or next? If so, you will definitely want to get in on our Presidents Day Sale that is going on now through Saturday. You can get all of our Presidents products for 25% off using coupon code PRES25!

Each of our Presidents resources gives more insight and information about our early presidents than I ever learned while in school myself!

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In U.S. Presidents 1-6 you'll get to know more about the fascinating founding fathers of our country that also served as president. Their dedication, vision, and determination is remarkable!

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In U.S. Presidents 7-12 you'll see politics kicking in in ways that may seem surprisingly familiar to you! This group of presidents takes us into early wars, expansion of the U.S., Indian relations, and slavery issues, so it's an important group to learn about.

Each U.S. President resource page includes items that will be of interest to all of your children, from K-12, and has plenty of videos to make learning engaging. If you have pre-readers or kids that struggle with reading, the videos are especially helpful in increasing learning without adding frustration!

Are you wondering what our Presidents resources are like? You can take a look at the George Washington resource by clicking here.


Quotes from Presidents is our new penmanship and copywork series! In these downloadable, printable ebooks your children will have lots of meaningful and interesting quotes to use while practicing their handwriting, copywork, or dictation. Quotes from Presidents includes practice for print, cursive, and D'Nealian manuscript styles. This will be a great resource for your family since you'll be able to print all the copies you ever need for all of your children, in all of their stages of handwriting! All of the pages are done in black and white and won't take a lot of ink, so it'll be simple and super cost-effective for your entire homeschool journey.

Check out our free sample of Quotes from Presidents here so you can get a feel for the format and style.



Q: When is the sale?
A: Now through Saturday, February 21. Any product on this page is available for 25% off with coupon code PRES25.

Q: I owned products at Classical Composers Monthly? How can I find them now?
A: Easy! Just login at the top right of any page at Enrichment Studies where it says Member Login, and use your same username and password as before. All of your products are there. :)

Q: I had bookmarked all your freebies. How can I find my way back to them now that you have a new site?
A: If you already have a member account, simply login, and you'll see that all of the freebies are linked from your Freebies area. If you just try to follow a bookmark to a freebie at Classical Composers, the wild, wonderful, magical internet will spin you right around to the same page on the new site! So, no worries, because you will be able to use those freebies with no problem.


That's all for now, my dears. If you're in the snow belt right now (like we are), I hope you have some fun with your kids, and stay cozy. In fact, come on over to the blog to read what I wrote about taking advantage of spontaneous fun opportunities with your kids. And make sure you get my homemade hot cocoa recipe (with variations for both traditional AND healthier types!).

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