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Book Tour Updates, Vegan Fest and Vegan Wine

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Hi Wine Lover,

The Shall We Wine team is excited to share our monthly newsletter. Our goal is to introduce you to our favorite wines, winemakers, varietals, wine regions and places to buy and drink wine.


The Shall We Wine Team


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What an adventure! Opened to a SOLD OUT crowd the first night of my Rhymes & Wine Book Tour with City Winery in Chicago. 1 date down, 5 more to go!

Social media is an amazing tool, but at the end of the day, word of mouth is where it’s at. Please share the news and invite your friends in these cities to join me on the tour. Check out your local City Winery sites below to purchase tickets directly.


Remaining Book Tour Dates:

Tuesday 9/18 - Atlanta, GA
Monday 9/24 - New York, NY
Tuesday 9/25 - Boston, MA
Monday 10/15 - Washington, DC
Tuesday, 10/16 - Nashville, TN

Join us for a sensorial journey through words, wine and rhythm. Audience members will be part of a rare wine pairing opportunity with me. This is a specially curated experience both unique and immersive, the poems acting as a canvas for paired wine and song selections which mimic the soulful complexity of the poetry itself. Each pairing collectively captures the variety of feelings amid all the triumphs, confessional vulnerabilities and hope channeled through my poetic subjects. I use my experience as a sommelier to create experiences that flood the senses with a combination of words that are truly unforgettable.

Searching for Cloves & Lilies is an undeniably personal project of mine, and I’m humbled by all the stories exchanged even in just the beginnings of this tour. They’ve served as catalysts to both igniting new (and revitalizing existing) kinships. I’m so pumped up by all the positive energy.



Have you seen my social media campaign for the book tour called #PeopleOverProfit? I’m teaming up with local charities in each book tour city: $3 of each book sold at each City Winery Book Tour event will be donated to a local youth charity.

Happy to announce that Chicago donated to My Block, My Hood, My City! I still need help deciding for each of the remaining cities: Atlanta, NYC, Boston, DC and Nashville.

The charity will be determined by the people! Each person is invited to tag their favorite local charity to help us choose where the money should go.



I had an amazing time at Taste of Vegan! The event was well organized featuring 100 vegan-centric businesses, from the start-ups to the well-established, each showcased their merchandise to over 5,000 attendees.

Music is the core of any good gathering and Taste of Vegan organizers made sure guests burned some calories dancing to live celebrity DJs spinning house, hip hop and rhythm and blues. In the tradition of backyard barbecues, Black Family reunions, and Saturday night basement parties, TOV shared the stage with emerging local artists, kids who want to show off their milly rock dance, and a church soprano whose angelic voice silenced the crowd.

There were other pop-up treats: yoga on the lawn, a vegan wine tasting hosted by Yalumba and Shall We Wine, Inc. in the VIP Lounge and a bouncy house for the babies. Now that was precious! Taste of Vegan was busting with great food, quality products and good hearts. Beyond the delicious food, fire music, well crafted jewelry, life altering beauty products, clever T-shirts, colorful art... what I enjoyed most was how this event created a family atmosphere. I went alone, ran into friends and felt as if I knew everybody there. Strangers were chatting, placing friendly hands on shoulders, hugging and laughing. I just chatted folks up like we were old friends, and by the time I left, we were.

2019 Taste of Vegan vendor and sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Kara Wright at



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In the spirit of the Taste of Vegan event, I would like to highlight a Yalumba wine. Yalumba has a rich history as Australia's most historic family-owned winery, but they do offer a collection called “Y Series” which showcases great value wines. This Yalumba Y Series Cabernet Sauvignon is no different. It’s an easy-drinking Cab, with some muscle, and was actually a great option for a red wine to have even during a warm and sunny Taste of Vegan event.

Australia generally has a variety of top performing wines which also check off the box of “bang for your buck”. I love Yalumba not only for their wide array of affordable wine options. They're also committed to sustainability practices and have produced vegetarian & vegan friendly wines since 2011.



What makes a wine vegan? It may seem like a weird statement but the truth is, not all wine is vegan or even vegetarian friendly.

“But isn’t wine just made of grapes?” is the common response I get. Wine is usually not vegan similarly to how Jello is not vegan - part of the process of making either wine or gelatin involves an animal component even though the final product is notably manipulated. In Jello, gelatin acts as a binder just as it does for other products like shampoo and even marshmallows. In the modern process of making wine, “fining agents” are used. They help rid of everything from a cloudy wine appearance to harsh, distasteful tannins and are eventually filtered out. There are other agents, but some of the most common clarifying agents are egg whites, which is quite prevalent in old school Bordeaux.

Lack of a fining process makes wine production much slower because you're waiting for it to fine naturally without the help of agents. And with the modern taste palate evolving and increasing market demand to produce more wine, including a typical fining process may seem like it's customary, but it's definitely not the only option.

For starters, there is unfiltered wine available on the market. But if you're uninterested in the yo-yo guessing that can come with serving unfiltered wine, there is an answer to this in the vegan realm… there are vegan fining agents! This all may seem a bit confusing and even overwhelming, but as we become more educated about beverages as consumers, the more of a shift in the type of helpful information available will morph into the norm. Don’t be afraid to utilize your sommeliers and local wine shop people to help point you in the right direction!





So you know us for our pop up events, but did you know that our consultants host mini pop-ups every weekend at your local wine shop and/or grocery stores? Next time you're tasting wine at Binny's, Whole Foods, Mariano's or your local wine shop, ask the consultant if they are with Shall We Wine.

Sounds like a fun gig? We are hiring wine and spirit enthusiasts. Send your resume to and follow the link (in photo) to apply.

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The Shall We Wine Team

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